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paw_lb.gif (128 bytes)Click on the word to preview image, or right click to see properties.
paw_bl.gif (125 bytes)Post to board the same way as above.
NOTE ABOUT CHARMS - PLEASE refrain from using bandwidth from other sites - it is the same as "stealing". You may post images from your own bandwidth if you like.
If you want to post photos that are larger than 25K, please create a clickable hyperlink to the photo.

cat_tiny.gif (863 bytes)chip_tiny.gif (994 bytes)zevaju.gif (1971 bytes)cow_tiny.gif (780 bytes)elefant_tiny.gif (2391 bytes)hors99.gif (1377 bytes)cmunk1.gif (2468 bytes)

WOWsies have heart Hurry to Chat! Alarm Clock Teapot

WOWsie Birthday

WOWSie Chat Room wowsie exclamation scoot&wheelie
wowsie bear OH   NO!! Say WHAT? WOWsie news
Friendship                WOWsie Cheer! WOWsie Fun laugh guy
Wake up! Good Morning! Thank you! question
WOWsie dance Joy's wowsie pic Morning after chat Dancing wheelie
WOWsie mug Choc Strawberries Break for Webspresso wiggle puter
See you in Chat! Double shot! Keep Cool Basset I'm a wowsie pink
???what's a wowsie? Popcorn! WOWsie Sign/bear I'm a wowsie colors
WOWsie HS Chat News! Can't Talk WOWsie Boyds
wowsie poms Carol's Poem I got a WOW WOW! sunshine
Travel Faerie WOWsie Faerie Bear Bee Fairy Bow
Welcome Faerie wowsie deal chat lips fairy fly
TinkerBell WOWsie Friendship Friendship Faerie fairy drop
Faerie Girl WOWsie wishes Funny Faces winking fairy
awgw.gif (2045 bytes)MORE CHARMS!!awgw.gif (2045 bytes)
WOWsie tip#12 queen of charms Queen of Duhhhh quicktype
tub/bubbles Refreshing! manbath Fish School
cookiebear hellobear mom newsflash
bee knock-knock sickbed. Purple WOW
caterwalling Nickeless morning wowsie sweater
vcool Natalia cloudsn. WOWred/blue
rainbow2 Pink Webspresso dancingnurse alien
chatWHT JUGGLER icecream Doggie
heartwine Hot Air Balloon asuncloud New/WOW

Show Time!

afairy toaster
craft003 Tiny Carousel househeart snowing
 heart024 smiling firework5 Smilie
flower2 skunk excersiser Bear Hug
rosebloom Webspresso Bear flight Weather
ladybug dancing crayon welcomeplane webspresso penguins
Akyh fish_bowl notime WOWie Poms


mnms I miss you
hapybd2. Love - Boyds sign wine Happy Mom's Day
WOW Running cat Awebrb Happy Mother's Day
chhobes Bear-balloon getwell dancing clown bear
webspPur firework webcafe winking bear
wowsies wowsie buck bearan Dolphins jumping
welcome bubblestuff Jax. Washing Machine





bouncing_ball bear at mailbox airpl2
Hello Lizard Congrats
butterflies tamisglass fan


starline.gif (2691 bytes)
Better yet, let's practice and I'll walk you through it.
See this cupcake.gif (1979 bytes)?
1)Take your mouse and put it over the image.
2) Click the RIGHT mouse button
3) see the selection that says "properties"? click it
4) it should say http://www.webspresso.com/_borders/cupcake.gif
Highlight it and copy it (hit ctrl c).
5) Then paste it (ctrl v) into your post.
6) THE CODE is important and would look like this.
.IMG SRC="http://www.webspresso.com/_borders/dog.gif".>
paw_rd.gif (128 bytes)BE sure to include the quotations, and have a space between IMG and SRC.
**NOTE= my example has a period in the <
paw_cy.gif (131 bytes)DO NOT USE periods when you use your tags.paw_pr.gif (128 bytes)
I have to use them, or the code would work its way into the page,
and you wouldn't be able to see it.

paw_lb.gif (128 bytes)Click on the word to preview image, or right click to see properties.
paw_bl.gif (125 bytes)Post to board the same way as above.

PLEASE do NOT take images from other bandwidths (other web sites).
NOTE: Charms are meant to be enhancements to your message. Large pictures interfere with download times of the board. If you wish to share a larger image, please insert a hyperlink to the image.
~CLICK here for hyperlink instructions.~

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