Dillards Exclusives
A special thanks to Dan Conners for sharing these great pictures!

Have you seen the GCC / POG exclusives?

Here is a list of 99 Fall exclusives from Dillards
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94744DL Christian $32 Bear in Romper
94745DL Izzy $20 Moose in Sweater
94746DL Pepper $20 Cat in romper
94747DL Kelsey $35 Bear in blue dress
94748DL Zwick $25 Millennium bear

These items will ship in October. If you need assistance, wish to order the Boyds exclusives, or have questions, feel free to contact DAN CONNERS.
314-725-8363 ext 281

Dan's e-mail Connorsd@aol.com
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SPRING 1999 Exclusives

94739DL Gracie Bear $8.00
94743DL Alex Nichole $18.00
94741DL Debbie Claire $35.00
94742DL Andrew $18.00
94740DL Jenna Kathlean $18.00

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Fall 1998 Exclusives

94734DL Jillian $35
94735DL Caleigh $20
94736DL Will $12
94737DL Tyler  $20
94738DL  Erin Saughnessy $16


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