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        By Elizabeth Skelton 
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        liz2.jpg (13938 bytes)My collection began in January 1995 when I bought my first two plushes, Eugenia and Federico from QVC. (I had seen Gary before but not realizing how the system worked, I never dialed fast enough to get anything). Before my order arrived, I happened to be in a card store that had some Boyds Bearstones. I didn’t know about Bearstones and I loved them immediately! Since I am a teacher, I was especially attracted to the bears reading books so I chose Ted and  Teddy and Wilson the Perfesser.

        liz3.jpg (16872 bytes)By the time I got home and set them on my bureau, I knew I was hooked and had  to go back to get the others! I returned to the store and bought Christian by the Sea, Bailey in the Orchard, and Neville Bedtime Bear. The store didn’t have any more pieces because it had been sold to a new owner and Bearstones were not part of their inventory. So I went on bear hunts all over the San Francisco Bay Area. I didn’t have internet access at the time so I had no idea that there were so many collectors out there all doing the same thing as me! I’d come home with some and quietly place them on the bureau so DH wouldn’t notice that the collection was growing and taking up more room in our very small bedroom (we live in the downstairs of a townhouse).  Sometimes I would only show him a couple of my purchases when in fact I had bought several.  Before long plushes were sitting on chairs on the floor around the perimeter of the room and the resins were crowded together. He soon got used to it (never having been fooled), referred to the collection as "hard and soft bears" and jokingly said "he never expected his bedroom to have a teddy bear theme" but added "it’s alright."

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        I usually put away the nativity pageant series due to lack of space but this year since it is complete, I wanted to leave it out for a while longer. I have placed angel Bearstones and other thematically related ones with it.
             This past Christmas (1997) while I was out of town for a weekend, my husband surprised me by building the shelves for the plush which go around the room. He made the resin shelving unit for me earlier last year.

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        I focus my collection on Bearstones, plush, Shoebox and San Francisco Music Box pieces. I also collect accessories although many of the chairs pictured are not Boyds. I have some first editions but most are not. Someday we will have a larger place to live and I’ll be better able to display the bears and friends all over the house!
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        Seated in Bailey's Baby Carriage, are the Pair O'Piggs that I won in a recent Centre Contest. (click on photo)

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        click on photo to meet Elizabeth

        Something's always cooking at the Boyds Cafe!
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