Photos from the March 13, 1999 Big Grizz Timberlake Teddy Bear Brunch!!


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Pix below - Read Report of Signing Here!

[ B Street Bistro]

A BIG THANK YOU to Carol & Lee at Big Grizz Timberlake for inviting me (or I should say, my alter ego, The Contest Lady) to this event. Thank you also to Jack Bucchioni,  for allowing my participation at  your signing event! It was great fun to travel almost 2000 miles, see the country, meet some wonderful friends from cyberspace, and be a part of this exciting day!  Let's do it again sometime!!
--Sally Jechura

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Mary <Wunkers@aol.com>
I'm a day late and a few dollars short now that the Teddy Bear Brunch is over!!! A Great time was had by ALL!!! There were over 50 people for the brunch alone, and it was held in a banquet hall up the street from the Big Grizz. I had the pleasure of brunching with Doris (WOW) and her husband Pete along with Lee "The Big Grizz Hisself" and Jack (yes...the Headmaster Bear Extraordinaire Bucchioni)!!!! What great fun!!! There were door prizes for everything!!! Bethany...I mean Sally, "The Contest Lady" had a huge assortment of fun things for us!! First off she told us that the pin with the star on it that we were given as we signed in was for a purpose...if you were caught with your elbows on the table, you had to relinquish your star to that person!!! Now, everyone promptly removed their elbows from the table...but as the we were dining the true ill-mannered MOBsters came through!!! Sally was the 1st to lose her star on a technicality. Now here is a question for you..."What did Doris lose to Jack Bucchioni"???
Then, Jack began his tour through the orient...he stopped somewhere in the middle and asked if anyone remembered his last name?? Hands went up all over the room, and Marisa (WarmFzy6) won $5.00 from Jack because she could pronouce it correctly!!!! As the photo tour continued we saw Jack as a young spry man...hiking his way through the towns with only a backpack and some bottles of water!! So he says!!!LOL And as all of this was going on, Sally began passing out bubble gum to everyone!! Well, to bad she didn't have a prize for "cow chewing"!!! As Jack finished his tour and ended back in New Jersey...Sally was coordinating a Bubble Blowing contest!!! That's right...who can blow the biggest bubble???
Jaime, who is a bear shopper @ the Big Grizz won a Bucchioni Bear!!! Next it was on to those CRAZY word puzzels!!! I don't even know where Sally came up with them!! They were hard, but some of our friends knew all the answers...and still MORE Bucchioni Plush became the envy of all the Contestants!!! And as the contests were going on people were collecting the stars!!! And that contest was close...just as I was about to steal all of EasyRingo's stars, someone nailed me!!!! On the same technicality as Sally!!! So Carol's stars were safe for now!!! She would lose them later!!! But the winner was in the end, Steve's sister, Angela...she won the Miss Manner's Award along with a Bucchioni Bunny...signed by Jack himself, of course!!!
So as the Brunch was coming to a close, everyone was getting group pictures and then the grand prize winner was announced...the ticket holder received a $100 Gift Certificate to the Big Grizz!!! Then it was off to the shop where Jack was doing the actual signing. Sandy, who opened the store before we all got there, told me that the little Bucchioni Bears and Hares were so excited when she got there, they couldn't contain themselves, because they all thought it was Jack coming through the door!!! She tried to calm them down, and all the critters, even Wheelie, wanted to know if they looked ok!!! Finally Jack showed and all the store was a clatter!!! I don't know who were more excited, the bears or the guests!!! Again, Jack did a wonderful job with the signing, he took the time to chat with everyone, I saw Marisa (WarmFzy6) in the corner with him for a long time...what WERE you talking about Girl?!? Marisa of course spent her new found money and a few more of her own on all the Bears and hares she could hold!!! And the ones she couldn't she promptly added to her wish list...Better watch your wallet Larry!!! LOL Linda (AuntieBud) had so much in her arms she had to take a seat and take a breather...right next to Jack!!!!

I brought Megan home and just like Bethany she was showing her signed footpads off to all the other critters...she likes to be the center of attention!!! Then to top it off, Carol and Lee hosted a Bears and Hares Pasta Party that night!!! The wine was flowing and the food was plenty. Everyone chatted late into the night. Well in closing, it was a wonderful day...the weather was beautiful, the food was great, the company was outstanding...of course, you wouldn't expect anything less from the MOBsters!!! Glad to meet you all, and I hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as me, and I can't wait till Rosemont!!!

Thanks, Mary, for your great report - Sally Jechura

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