Reason and Mary Matilda Photographs
And Descendants

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Reason Whitacre
These photographs were taken the late 1800s. People sometimes look stern in old photos. The person being photographed had to sit still for several minutes (they didn't have flash bulbs yet). The photographer didn't want any movement, so he would tell the subject NOT to smile. (To see what I mean, try holding a smile for two minutes.) Anyway, I try to picture Reason with a twinkle in his (what look like) very blue eyes!
Photos taken from the Beer's History of Wood County, Ohio
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Mary Matilda Bullis Whitacre


The Reason Whitacre Farm, Wood County, Ohio. June 19, 1915. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Whitacre (son of Reason) & children.
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Arthur Issac Whitacre, (son of Reason & Mary Bullis Whitacre) 1868-1949. Arthur was a deaf mute, as were both of his wives. His First wife was Luella Reaney, (m. 1894). Luella died at age 35, while giving birth to their 6th child, daughter Louella. There were two more children with 2nd wife, Martha Turvey, pictured here on their wedding day.

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These are 3 daughters of Arthur & Luella:
Bessie (my grandma!), Louella, & Daisy. Circa 1915

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