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Ann Nonimous is the "pen name" of a guest writer on Webspresso, who wishes to remain "anonymous".  We appreciate her hard work and great reports! Tune in for all the highlights from Gary's appearances on QVC.

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They could have just called it "Boyds Day on QVC"! The fun began right at midnight with the kickoff of a Boyds Today's Special Value and a one-hour show with Gary Lowenthal and Mary Beth Roe. What a TSV it was! We knew that the theme this week was going to be "Family Traditions" and this was the Limited Edition Family Traditions Plush Bear Set which included two chenille bears, Grandmother Beatrice B. Bearhugs and Baileyanne Bearhugs, little Tedley F. Wuzzie, with a mini quilt and pottery tea set. Beatrice, a beige 16" bear was beautifully dressed in a tea-dyed tan and navy pillow ticking dress trimmed in tan with Boyds buttons, tan pantalets, and a soft angora-like navy shawl. At her collar was a resin pin, which was a re-colored version of a retired Boyds Bearwear Pin . (It looked like Bailey's Springtime to me.) Her hat was black velvet and looked very vintage in style with antique silk roses for trim. Faux tortoise shell rimmed glasses helped her see to pour tea for Baileyanne, a 10-inch gold long chenille sweetheart. Baileyanne's dress in a red, blue and tan gingham check had tucked ruffled trim in tan like her pantalets and she wore a plaid bow on her head. Both bears featured trimmed noses giving them very expressive faces. Tedley, Baileyanne's bear friend, was a 3-inch beige Wuzzie wearing a coordinating ribbon bow. The 8 1/2 X 9 1/2-inch quilt was made up of 260 pieces including some of the same fabrics as the dresses. Quilted in a star pattern, it made a perfect background for the dark blue teapot, and sets of 2 cups and saucers decorated with black paw prints. This was a Limited Edition of 37,000 and included a special numbered Certificate of Authenticity and was gift boxed. The bears were named after Gary Lowenthal's late mother, Beatrice and his daughter Bailey.

If you prefer a larger serving of tea, you might have ordered the set of three Boyds mugs. Included were: Forever Friends depicting 2 bears sitting together and inside the cup was a picture of 2 keys; The Cheerleader depicting a girl bear wearing a blue sweater and holding pompoms, and inside there was a megaphone and "Go Go Go"; and Born to Shop depicting a bear sitting with packages all around her. Inside that cup was "Born to Shop" with a little shopping bag. These would make great gifts, especially with a Boyds bear tucked inside!

Next up in the midnight show was the launch of Puff and Pouf Fuzzibutt! Yes, I did say Fuzzibutt and these two soft plush bears were fuzzy and funny indeed! Puff in brown plush and Poof in gold, had big bellies and beans not only in their butts, but in their bent knees. Like the Choir Bear series, these guys can be posed on their knees, sit on the edge like a shelf-sitter or recline on their bellies with their legs crossed. Their faces were shaved on top around the nose, giving them a whimsical quality. Each came with two pinwale corduroy "scrunchie-type" accessories - collars in red and green and wearing them they looked like cute holiday clowns. Mary Beth suggested using scrunchies from home to change their look by the season.

Just as appealing were another set of two, Yankee and Doodle Mc Bear. These were big-ear bears, Yankee in beige and Doodle in butter and each measuring 6 inches tall. Their chenille sweaters were beautiful! Yankee's was a navy button front cardigan with red checkerboard squares and Doodle's a coordinating navy blue pullover with a red checked heart on the front.

Other items presented in that hour included two bears available in the regular retail line, but being offered for the first time by QVC last night - Doolittle Buckshot, and Burlington P. Beanster, the new moose Murphy Mooselfluff and some items from previous shows - Maxwell Mittbruin, Brewster McRooster, Foodle, Bunky and Nat BabyBoyds, Fillmore, Klaus Von Fuzzner, the set of 3 Folkstone ornaments and Manheim LeBearmoge.

Do you remember that Winnie II was part of last week's show and Mary Beth said that she had missed out on getting the Winnie in the yellow romper and really wanted her? Well, didn’t the Headbean bring along a yellow Winnie just for Mary Beth!

Many more surprises were still to come in this Boydiful day, including an hour featuring the TOBY award winners for 1999. Jill Bauer was the hostess for this show and The Boyds Collection walked away a TOBY winner in two categories. Roscoe P. Bumpercrop was chosen as the Best in the Bear Friends category and "Flash McBear and the Sitting" won for the Best Figurine of the year. Between his antics and teasing of Jill, the awards were presented to Gary on the air and both Roscoe and the Bearstone Flash were quick sell-outs. I think that's proof that the judges who nominated them and the readers of Teddy Bears & Friends Magazine who voted for the winners, must have made good choices!

Still to come was the big two-hour show in the afternoon. Gary promised a very special costume for that one. Just what do you suppose he had in store?

No, it just couldn't be! Has the truth about the HeadBean's surgery been revealed? Gary, if that was a gender altering operation, you've got to lose the beard and boots!!! Yes, he was all gussied up in a dress, shawl, hat, wig, knee-hi stockings, purse and even a tasteful string of pearls - saying he felt "Finer than a frog's hair split four ways" and proclaiming it to be "Granny Time" on QVC! I hope everyone had their seat belts fastened, because it was quite a ride!

First up was the launch of Spearmint and Peppermint Hollibeary, a set of 8" bears in sweaters. Peppermint, a mocha colored plush bean bag was wearing a red and white striped sweater and Spearmint who is gold plush had a green and white striped sweater They featured big ears, "the better to listen to their Grannie," and Peppermint had a big red bow adorning her left ear. Their faces were a little different than most Boyds bears. Wider set eyes and small noses gave them an innocent and darling look. The entire quantity of 3,100 sold out quickly.

Another launch and immediate sell out was the Premier Edition of the Bearstone Figurine "S. Kinglebeary…Have A Simple Christmas". Gary said that there were 3,600 pieces in this edition and that the design was based on the plush Sandy Claus II. Measuring 1 3/4" by 2 1/2" it featured a bear dressed in a Santa suit and hat and the quote on the bottom read, "No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave" and was by Calvin Coolidge.

Mary Beth's Pick of the Show, Nicolas Bearington and Tinker F. Wuzzie was a cute set. Nicholas was a mini-mohair bear (4 1/2 ") fully dressed in a burgundy velvet Santa suit trimmed in faux fur and he was accompanied by Tinker, the Christmas mouse, a gray Wuzzie wearing a coordinating green velvet hat. They sold out almost before we had a chance to see them!

This two hour show was jam packed with fantastic Boyds products, and I can't possibly mention them all in detail, so I'll just list some of the new items available for the first time on QVC and also part of the retail line. They included: "Rosemary Bearhugs…TLC " a Bearstone, the Purrstone "Felicia Angelpuss and George…Peace on Earth", "Allison with Andy", a 12" porcelain/resin doll and plush bear set, Sarah Beth and Herbert Henry Jodibears, "The Storyteller" Nightshirt, and "Peek & Cantewell" Wee Folkstone Penguins. Making repeat appearances were QVC exclusives: Cynthia Berrijam, Mr. Miles and Miss Mabel Bearister, Mr. Peepers, Lewis the snowbear who was "The Best of 98", Mimsie, Myrtle and Melba Bahsworth ornie set, and there was an additional quantity of the set of Autumn and Fallston with the Boyds wagon and plush pumpkins. Also shown were: "Ashley with Chrissie…Dress Up" a dollstone which is retiring this year, S.C. Northstar plush bear, and Fidelity plush bear which are both now sold-out at the Boyds warehouse, the Set of Three Throw Pillows, "Amy & Edwin…Mother's Clothes" Limited Edition 16" porcelain doll and 6" bear which is this year's G.M.'s Choice and "Walter T. Goodlife…Live Well" a Limited Edition Carver's Choice figurine.

Getting back to things that were new, next up was a set of Tilden, Tessa, and Tori F. Wuzzie Plush Bears. All were 3 1/2" Wuzzies dressed in tiny chenille sweaters and matching ski caps! Tilden, gray and wearing a green with white trim outfit was a QVC exclusive and Tessa a white bear wearing a burgundy and white trimmed duo, and Tori done in a golden color and dressed in navy with white trim sweater and hat are both launches we can hope to see available next year. All three had real leather paw pads and were amazingly detailed as are all those little handmade, fully articulated Wuzzies. The Sold Out sign came quickly!

Florence B. Bearhugs, an off-white 12" plush bear wearing a nurse's uniform was another QVC launch that sold out. Her tan shirt with blue stripes and matching tan jumper dress were trimmed with red embroidered hearts as was her old fashioned nurse's hat. The outfit, similar the '98 Spring Bailey the Nurse, is typical of an 1880's nurse's uniform. Gary again mentioned that the red cross is a symbol with a federal trademark and can't be used, so Boyds has come up with a nice substitute with the use of the red heart on items depicting nurses.

We had a quick look but very little description of Muffles T. Toastytoes Plush Cat before he was gone! He was an 11 1/2" tan cat with white paws, muzzle, and belly and tip on his tail, but what set him apart was his burgundy knit long ski cap with holes for his ears, burgundy seed stitch pattern scarf, and burgundy and white stripe booties. A very handsome ensemble to set his whiskers twitching, for sure! Unfortunately there wasn't even time to tell us if he was an exclusive or a launch before the entire quantity of 1300 was spoken for!

As usual, Mary Beth and Gary were entertaining, at times extremely so, but I do have to offer a bit of advice to our favorite cross-dressing Grannie… If it was indeed a sex-change operation you paid for, you'd better get call those crack attorneys Dewey, Chetum and Howe, because I think you might have a very good legal case! And just when you think it can't get any better, I understand that next week we may be treated to The HB's portrayal of a penguin! See you right back here to tell you all about it!

New Exclusives: Limited Edition Family Traditions Set of Grandmother Beatrice, Baileyanne, Tedley F. Wuzzie, tea set and quilt and Tilden F. Wuzzie from the set of Tilden, Tessa and Tori

New Launches: Puff and Poof Fuzzibutt, Spearmint and Peppermint Hollibeary, "S. Kringlebeary…Have a Simple Christmas" figurine, Florence B. Bearhugs, Tessa and Tori F. Wuzzie (Tilden was a QVC exclusive),

Sorry, Not Sure: Muffles T. Toastytoes, Doodle and Yankee McBear, Nicholas Bearington and Tinker F. Wuzzie
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morein.gif (2056 bytes) - items from 11/13 Show
Item Number C95119
QVC Price $29.00
Shipping and Handling $4.47

Peppermint and Spearmint Hollibeary 8" Plush bears are a set of 2 bears in sweaters. Peppermint is a mocha colored bean bag bear wearing a red and white striped sweater. She also has an earbow. Spearmint is a gold colored bean bag bear wearing a green and white striped sweater. Both bears are fully jointed with button eyes, black hand stitched noses and hand stitching on their paw pads.

Boyds Bearstone "S. Kringlebeary" Figurine
Item Number C95134
QVC Price $15.00
Shipping and Handling $4.22

This is the Premier Edition of "S. Kringlebeary...Have A Simple Christmas" Resin Figurine featuring a bear in a red santa suit and hat with white trim. It comes in a gift box with a Certificate of Authenticity. The quote on the bottom is by Calvin Coolidge and reads, "No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave." Measures: 1-3/4" H
x 2-1/2" W.

Nicolas Bearington & T. F. Wuzzie Bear & Mouse
Item Number C95118
QVC Price $15.50
Shipping and Handling $3.97

Nicholas Bearington & Tinker F. Wuzzie 4-1/2" bear & 2" plush mouse. Nicholas is a tan mini-mohair bear and he wears a burgundy velvet santa suit trimmed in faux fur. He has shoe button eyes, a black hand-stitched nose & mouth, & hand-stitching on his paw pads. Tinker is a grey T.F. Wuzzie wearing a green velvet Santa hat. He has button eyes & a pink hand stitched nose & mouth. Both are fully jointed. Comes with a Boyds hang tag. Measures: Nicolas-4-1/2" H, Tinker-2" H. Made in China.

Florence B. Bearhugs 12" Plush Bear
Item Number C95121
QVC Price $26.00
Shipping and Handling $4.22

Florence B. Bearhugs, is an off-white 12" plush bear wearing a nurses uniform. She has a tan shirt with blue stripes and a matching tan jumper dress overtop. The dress has a red heart in the middle of the bib area, and her shirt has a red heart on one of the sleeves. She wears a matching hat with a red heart on it. Button eyes, black hand stitched nose. Poly-fiber filled and fully jointed. Comes with a Boyds hang tag. Measures: 12" H.

Puff & Poof Fuzzibutt 10" & 8" Plush Bears
Item Number C95122
QVC Price $25.00
Shipping and Handling $4.47

Puff & Poof Fuzzibutt are a set of 10" & 8" plush "belly bears" with fabric neck collars. Puff is a brown bear with a red and white gingham fabric neck collar. Poof is a gold colored bear with a green and white gingham fabric neck collar. Both have button eyes, hand stitched black noses & hand stitching on their paw pads.

Tilden, Te
ssa & Tori F. Wuzzie Plush Bears
Item Number C95123
QVC Price $22.00
Shipping and Handling $3.97

A set of 3 plush bears, Tilden is a grey colored bear with a green chenille sweater & ski cap. Tessa is a white bear with a burgundy chenille sweater & ski cap. Tori is a golden colored bear with a navy chenille sweater & ski cap. Each are fully jointed and have button eyes, black hand stitched noses & mouths and black hand stitching on their paw pads. Comes with a Boyds hang tag. Measures: 3-1/2".

Muffles T. Toastytoes Plush Cat
Item Number C95130
QVC Price $25.00
Shipping and Handling $4.47

Muffles T. Toastytoes is an 11-1/2 inch tan plush Bean Bag Cat. He has white paws, muzzle, belly & white tipped tail. He wears a burgundy knit ski cap, scarf and booties. He has button eyes and a pink hand stitched nose and mouth. He is fully jointed and comes with a Boyds hang tag. Suitable for ages 5 yrs. and up.

Doodle & Yankee McBear 6" Plush Bears
Item Number C95129
QVC Price $19.00
Shipping and Handling $4.22

Doodle McBear and Yankee McBear 6" plush bears. Doodle is a white big ear bear. She is wears a navy blue chenille sweater with a red checked heart on the front. Yankee is a beige big ear bear in a blue and red chenille button down sweater . Both have button eyes, black hand stitched noses and mouths and are fully jointed. Comes with a Boyds hang tag. Measure: 6" H.

Ltd. Ed. Family Traditions Plush Bear Set
Item Number C66927
QVC Price $98.50
Shipping and Handling $6.47

Plush Bear Set includes: Grandmother Beatrice B. Bearhugs; Baileyanne Bearhugs; Tedley F. Wuzzie; blue teaset and quilt. Grandmother is a 16 beige, long chenille bear in a blue ticking dress with navy woven shawl and a black velvet hat with a cluster of flowers. Baileyanne is a 10 gold long chenille bear in a blue plaid dress with a matching bow. Tedley is a 3 beige wuzzie with a neck bow. The Tea Set includes: teapot and 2 cups and saucers. The quilt measures approx. 8-1/2 x9-1/2. Limited edition of 37,000.
Grandmother comes with glasses.
Miss Ann Nonimous
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