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Highlights of the SAT, 11/21 Show!
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Q: What's black & white and goes round and round?
A: A Penguin in a revolving door

Q: How do Penguins drink their cola?
A: On the rocks

Q: What do Penguins sing to each other on their birthdays?
A: Freeze a jolly good fellow

Yuk, yuk, yuk…Arg! Well, I figure no one likes a joke better than Gary Lowenthal! And who else would have shown up on QVC this afternoon dressed as a penguin? Yes indeed, out he waddled and the third show in the Gary and Mary Beth Boyds Bears and Friends mini-series kicked off with the introduction of an adorable trio of plush penguins Tuxie, Tweedle and Opie Waddlewalk. Tuxie (8"), the first-ever Boyds penguin was introduced in the Fall 99 retail line, and in this set he was joined by two QVC launches, Tweedle (6") and Opie (3 1/2"). All three were plush in mixtures of black and white with wired wings, and wearing burgundy knit scarves. They featured two-toned brown and black eyes and were "as cute as a bug in a rug"! It wasn't a surprise when they quickly sold out.
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Next we saw an encore presentation of Kristoff, a chenille Santa bear exclusive to QVC that was first presented in November 1998 and just a quick mention of the remaining quantity of "Kimberly with Klaus…Special Delivery" a Premier Edition Dollstone.

Then it was on to Miss MacIntosh and Sarabeth with Topsey, a QVC exclusive Limited Edition of only 3000. Gary seemed very proud of this set which featured Miss MacIntosh, a a16" mocha archive style bear wearing a dress in a new fabric for Boyds - a navy background with stripes of muted yellow and bright red forming a tattersall check. Over the dress she wore a chenille cardigan sweater machine knit in a shade he called a "beautiful Christmas red". She was accompanied by Sarabeth, an 8" beige beanbag bear dressed in a custom-dyed pinwale corduroy dress and pantaloons, which exactly matched the red in Miss MacIntosh's outfit. Both had bows on their heads. Also included in the set were Topsey, a navy blue Wuzzie wearing a burgundy neck bow and three wooden blocks painted with ABC's and bear paws.

My Pick of the Show was a toss-up between Miss MacIntosh, Sarabeth and Topsey, and Gary's Pick - Beezer B. Goodlebear, another QVC exclusive and a quick sell-out. The HeadBean said that Beezer was a bear for people with good taste! Not a typical Boyds face, he had more of an artist bear look with a new profile and subtle shaving on his snout. He was made from short, gold chenille "fur" and featured hockey-stick arms, elongated paws, "hu-mon-gus" cupped ears, a squared-off handstitched nose and an appealing sad face. Filled with a combination of beans and poly-fil, he's very soft in the body, the better for hugging. His red and black plaid chenille scarf with tassels was the perfect masculine accent for this 16" fellow, easily imagined as the perfect companion to a little boy, or as part of any bear lover's collection!

cakeday.gif (1422 bytes)QVC was celebrating their 13th Birthday this week and "Birthday Prices" were offered on several items, including the Desk Animals Bob Moosioswimius and Ray Croccodiopius, making a repeat appearance on this show and being retired from the retail line. They are available in numbered editions and are bottom stamped, perfect for holiday gifting!

Brand new to QVC, Madeline and Eloise Willoughby were a set of two plush bears dressed in black chenille cardigan sweaters with Boyds buttons, burgundy jacquard satin neck ribbons and darling burgundy felt "Madeline-style" school girl hats accented with black satin ribbons and bows. They are also available separately in the Fall 99 retail line. Gary stated that these little ladies are right in style since black is a very popular color this year. In fact, he said, "All the penguins are wearing it!"

Since the theme this week was Noah's Ark, we were treated to a look at Noah's Pageant Pac, a set of 4 resin figurines. From the Bearstone Collection, these are the first items in the new Limited Edition series, which will be presented as four pieces per year over a four-year period. (The first Ltd. Edition Series, The Nativity Pageant will be retiring Dec. 31, 1999.) Noah's Pageant again features the little bears putting on a school play. This time Noah's Ark provides the backdrop with it's many bears and other animals and clever signs. Others in this inaugural set were Jeremy as Noah…The Ark Builder, 3", Bernice as Mrs. Noah…Chief Cook and Bottlewasher, 3 1/2" and Stretch and Skye Longnecker…The Lookouts, 2 1/2". The ark measures about 10" long. Each piece is numbered in editions and there are quotes on the bottoms. The pieces are available separately in the retail line. The details on the resins are exquisite and enchanting down to the smallest touch such as Mrs. Noah's outstretched arm, which fits perfectly around Noah when you pose them together!

There was time during the show to talk a little about Laura with Lucy, which was part of last week's line-up, but didn't get a full description on the air. Laura was a 12" doll with porcelain head and resin hands holding a schoolbook, and little resin boots that featured real shoe laces and were incredibly detailed. Boyds prefers the resin shoe because that quality isn't possible in other mediums or the usual doll footwear. Her companion, Lucy was a brown T.F. Wuzzie with a black hand-stitched nose/mouth, button eyes & black hand stitching on her paw pads. Laura was dressed in a green corduroy dress and hair bow and tan pinafore and had curly brown hair and blue eyes. Available in open editions of 5,000, their Certificate of Authenticity features a picture on the back to show how they should be posed for display.

Another encore item also at a Birthday Week price was "Mrs. Bruin's Cookies". Boyds Bearware Potteryworks cookie jars are bottom stamped and available in numbered editions. Included with Mrs. Bruin was a recipe card with Mary Beth's "Crunchy Goodies" recipe. The quote inside the cookie jar said, "This is your LAST one!" Boyds cookie jars are gift-boxed.

Mary Beth's "Pick of the Show" wasn't a new item, but it was a popular one. She liked Lindsey II and Tucker F. Wuzzie, a QVC exclusive originally presented last year and chosen as a" Best of 98". Lindsey was a white long chenille cat dressed in a green velvet romper with a ruffled color. There was even a place in the back for her wired tail to stick out. She featured eyes in a very unusual shade of teal. What better to go along with such a cute cat than Tucker F. Wuzzie, a 3" gray mouse!

Brand-new and a QVC exclusive, Sarah Anne Bearsly and T. Foster Wuzzie Bears were a great set! Sarah Anne, a 10" mocha bear was wearing a green velvet dress and matching ear bow, but I think the HeadBean and I both felt that the highlight of her outfit was a wool cardigan sweater in shades of plum, green and white. It was hand knit in a pattern similar to the sweater worn by Ashley Huntington, but made in this particular coloration only for QVC. T. Foster Wuzzie was a big-brother size, measuring 5" and also special since he was made in a plum/burgundy color custom dyed for this exclusive. A white ribbon was tied around his neck.

Another beautiful bear was Sven B. Frostman. A launch for QVC, at 14" he was a really nice big fellow done in white plush. He was a bean bag style and had those cute big ears that are featured on some Boyds bears. He was dressed in a larger version of the sweater worn by this fall's Breezy Frostman, knit in navy blue wool with a well-rounded white snowman wearing a bright red scarf on the front. I'm looking forward to adding him to my own collection! He sold out quickly and Mary Beth asked Gary for an Olie and Lena to go with him! I hope he and Liz Smith put their heads together and come up with them for next year.

It was another great show and there will be more next Saturday at the same time, and same place. I'll see you right back here for more fun!

Exclusives: Miss MacIntosh with Sarahbeth and Topsey Ltd. Ed.; Beezer B. Goodlebear; Sarah Anne Bearsly and T. Foster Wuzzie; Lindsey II and Tucker F. Wuzzie; and Kristoff

Launches: Tweedle and Opie Waddlewalk (in a set with Tuxie); Kimberly with Klaus PE Dollstone; and Sven B. Frostman
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Beezer B. Goodlebear 16" Chenille Bear
Item Number C95070
QVC Price $26.00
Shipping and Handling $4.72
Beezer B. Goodlebear is a 16", shorthaired, gold colored chenille bear. He is wearing a red and black chenille scarf around his neck. He has safety eyes, a hand-stitched nose & mouth and hand stitching on his paw pads. He is fully jointed and comes with a Boyds hang tag.

Tuxie, Tweedle & Opie Waddlewalk Plush Penguins
Item Number C95074
QVC Price $24.50
Shipping and Handling $4.47
Tuxie Waddlewalk, Tweedle Waddlewalk & Opie Waddlewalk are a set of 3 plush penguins. Each is a black and white penguin with button eyes. All three penguins are wearing burgundy scarves around their necks.

Sarah Anne Bearsly & T. Foster Wuzzie Bears
Item Number C95071
QVC Price $33.50
Shipping and Handling $4.47
Sarah Anne wears a green velvet dress with a matching ear-bow and a multi-colored green and burgundy sweater. She has a black hand-stitched nose, button eyes and black hand-stitching on her paw pads. T. Foster Wuzzie is a burgundy T.F. Wuzzie with a white ribbon around her neck. She has button eyes,a black handstitched nose and mouth. Measurements: Sarah Anne-10"H, T.Foster- 5"H.

Sven B. Frostman 14" Plush Bear
Item Number C95073
QVC Price $30.00
Shipping and Handling $4.47
Sven B. Frostman is a 14-inch white bean bag plush bear with big ears. He is wearing a blue sweater with a snowman on it and the snowman has a red ribbon around its neck. He is fully jointed with button eyes and a black hand-stitched nose. Comes with a Boyds hang tag.

"Noah's Pageant Pac" Resin Figurine
Item Number C95097
QVC Price $64.50
Shipping and Handling $5.47
From the Bearstone collection comes the Noah's Pageant Pac Resin figurine. A set of 4 pieces includes: an ark with many bears & other animals on it, Jeremy as Noah.. the Ark Builder - Approx. 3"H, Bernice as Mrs. Noah...Chief Cook and Bottlewasher - Approx. 3-1/2"H, and Stretch and Skye Longnecker...The Lookouts - Approx. 2-1/2"H. The ark measures approx. 10"L. Resins are made in China.

Boyds Miss MacIntosh & Sarahbeth w/Topsey Ltd. Ed. Set
Item Number C96372
QVC Price $63.00
Shipping and Handling $4.72
Miss MacIntsh is a 16" mocha archive bear in a blue dress w/yellow & red stripes and matching bow at ear. She wears a red chenille cardigan sweater. Sarahbeth is a beige 8" bean bag bear in a red corduroy dress with Boyds buttons & bloomers and matching bow on her head. Topsey is a blue T.F.Wuzzie, 2 1/2". There will be a set of wooden "ABC" blocks.

Madeline & Eloise Willoughby Chenille Bears
Item Number C95095
QVC Price $37.00
Shipping and Handling $4.47
Madeline & Eloise Willoughby are a set of 2 plush bears. Madeline is a 10" brown bean bag bear wearing a black chenille sweater & a burgundy felt hat. She is fully-jointed. Eloise is a beige 6" archive bear in a black chenille sweater and a burgundy felt hat. She is fully jointed. Both have black hand-stitched noses and button eyes. Madeline has black hand stitching on her paw pads. Come with a Boyds hang tag. (These little ladies are both in the retail line!)

Miss Ann Nonimous
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