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QVC SHOW REPORT WEEK 4 - Nov. 27, 1999
I thought I saw a giant puddy cat - or perhaps that was Santa Claws? Any way you looked at it, Gary Lowenthal was a very cool cat on this week's QVC Boyds Bears and Friends Mini Series presentation. He and Mary Beth Roe wasted no time in this one-hour show, which was full of wonderful Boyds gift ideas. The very first item was "The Gary Bear". Gary M. Bearenthal was a 16" dark brown chenille bear dressed in a red and black checked flannel shirt and blue denim overalls and named after the Headbean Hisself. If you blinked, you missed him, but check with your favorite retailer for this furry favorite.

Next up was a beautiful three piece set Ingrid and Tasha Northbruin and Toggle. A QVC Exclusive in a Limited Edition of only 2,400 it wasn't very long before we saw the "Sold Out" sign, and no wonder! Ingrid was a 16" off white plush bear dressed in a navy blue velvet sleeveless dress and a cream-colored velvet hooded coat. The elegant coat was trimmed with faux fur around the blue velvet lined hood, down the front, around the bottom and at the cuffs. She held a navy blue velvet stocking trimmed in white with the word "Joy" embroidered on the cuff. Tasha's dress was cream colored and she also wore a chenille patterned cardigan sweater done in navy and cream. She was 8" and made of beige plush. Completing the set was Toggle F. Wuzzie; a 3" fully jointed bear smartly dressed in black velvet pants with a burgundy cummerbund, and a blue velvet hat and jacket with gold braid trim.

Making a return appearance were Reba and Roxie DuBeary, two cuties that were presented last year as a QVC launch. Many of us had wondered all this time which bear was which, and Mary Beth cleared up that mystery once and for all. Reba is the beige plush in the tan felt hat and Roxie is the nutmeg plush bear in the navy blue hat. As he's been known to do many times before, The Headbean decided to change the plans and this time he announced during the show that these were no longer a launch, but now were a QVC Exclusive! Lucky are those who already have them or dialed fast enough to pick them up on this show!

The other exclusive on the show was Melanie Lockley and Sam and no surprise, they also sold out. Melanie, a 13" plush bear had a pretty little new style face with a "baby bear look", according to Gary. It featured a shorter shaved nose, button eyes and a sweetly innocent "expression". Her outfit was done in the new fabric introduced last week on the Limited Edition Set of Miss MacIntosh and Sarahbeth with Topsey. Melanie's romper is made from the same navy blue cotton with fine yellow and red stripes creating a tattersall plaid effect as in Miss MacIntosh's dress. It had a tucked ruffle trimmed round color and Boyds bearwear buttons. A matching ear bow completed her ensemble. Sam was a little red Wuzzie Bear with white paw pads. He is the only 3" Wuzzie Boyds has made in red.

Barret, Belinda, and Berg Blizzard were another QVC exclusive set. This time, 4 1/2" chenille snow "people" (notice I'm being politically correct here) ornaments! Each wore mittens and a velvet scarf embroidered with white snowflakes and fuzzy earmuffs. Barret's were in green, Belinda was all decked out in red, and Berg was ready for the chilly weather in dark blue. With jointed heads and arms they could be posed in different ways or they also had ribbon hangers. They would be great for the tree, standing as a table decoration, as package trimmers, or on a winter wreath.

We were treated to the world premier of a new Boyds line, the Dollstone LeDollmoge! A Premier Edition of 2,400 pieces exclusively for QVC, "Shannon…Waitin' For Grandma" was a beautifully detailed little porcelain doll sitting on top of a suitcase. This hinged box measured 2 1/4" high by 4 1/4" wide. The Dollmoge are being made in a matte finish, giving them an antique look, but their eyes will be shiny. Like the Bearmoge boxes, the Dollmoge will open to reveal a surprise tiny figurine inside. Wilson the bear holding an apple was inside this one! They were a very quick sell out.

Another exclusive that sold out quickly was "Bailey…TheNight Before Christmas" an exquisite mouth-blown glass centerpiece measuring 8" high by 5 3/4" wide. Bailey was beautifully dressed in a red and white Santa suit and hat and was reading a book to the smaller bear sitting in her lap. This was so pretty it set Gary's whiskers and tail a twitchin' and he described it as, "a wonderful piece", "the perfect centerpiece size", and "finished in a very antique look". Bailey was a limited edition of 1,200 and available only at QVC. The mouth-blown glass pieces are hand painted on the inside and have a lustrous glow.

Several other items on the show were repeats from previous shows like Brinton S. Beansford chenille bear, Chester Bigheart Carver's Choice Figurine, Windsor and Sarasota plush bear and "Raggedy-style" doll, the Tapestry Wall Hanging and Pillow Set "Just Between Us", and Sara Anne Bearsley and T. Foster Wuzzie. Some items were things available in the regular retail line such as Manheim…The Eco Moose LeBearmoge, Tomba Bearinski, Tundra Northpole, and both Gary and Mary Beth's Pick of the Show Brittany with Ben 12" Porcelain Doll and 3" Bear set. This set was a NALED winner for Doll of the Year and is offered in open editions.

Gary was wearing his cat outfit in honor of two very special items with cat themes. One was "Sandra Claws and Nibbles" which is from the new Purrstone collection introduced in the spring of '99. This cute resin figurine is also luckily available from regular retailers, since it disappeared quickly! The other feline shown for the first time ever on this program was Fuzzy Jake Cattington, my own Pick of the Show! Jake was an adorable 10" black and tan mohair blend with tan suede ears and paw pads and he was made in a squishy soft-bodied style. He had two-toned green eyes and an expression that looked like he'd been caught in the headlights. His satin jacquard ribbon matched his pretty eyes perfectly. He was designed by Liz Smith and was a QVC Exclusive. Only 2400 were available and they sold out in record time.

It's amazing how time flies when you're having fun, especially when you're spending it with the Headbean and Mary Beth on QVC. Next week's show, the final in this mini-series, will be a two-hour presentation with a live studio audience. I think I heard them mention that the theme will be "Millennium Party". I wonder if he'll chose a costume as "purr-fect" as his Santa Claws outfit? Won't you join us and see how he plans to bring in the new century.
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These numbers and descriptions have been added to the QVC website:
Boyds "Bailey..." Blown Glass Centerpiece
Item Number C95155
QVC Price $35.00
Shipping and Handling $4.72
From the Boyds collection comes "Bailey...The Night Before Christmas". Bailey is dressed in a red and white santa outfit and santa hat. She has a smaller bear sitting on her lap and is reading a book to him. She is a large blown glass centerpiece, measuring 5-3/4" H x 8" H.

Boyds Dollstone LeDollmoge "Shannon..." Porcelain Box
Item Number C95159
QVC Price $23.00
Shipping and Handling $4.22
From new Dollstone LeDollmoge collection comes the "Shannon...Waitin' For Grandma" porcelain box. Shannon is sitting atop of a blue trunk with "TBC 98" written on it. She is wearing boots, a blue skirt, red sweater and a hat with a red flower on it. Wilson the bear is inside the box. He is wearing a sweater and holding an apple. Each will be numbered and gift boxed. Measures: 2-1/4" H x 4-1/4" W. Made in China.

Brittany with Ben 12" Porcelain Doll & 3" Plush Bear
Item Number C95163
QVC Price $33.50
Shipping and Handling $4.97
"Brittany with Ben...Goin' to Grandma's" is a 12" size Porcelain Doll and 3" Plush Bear. Brittany is wearing a burgundy plaid dress with a black sweater and a black hat with rosettes. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, and resin hands and shoes. She is holding a train ticket in her hand and she has a suitcase by her foot. With her is Ben, a tan T.F. Wuzzie. He is fully jointed with button eyes and a black hand stitched nose. The set comes with a Boyds hang tag.

These items have also been added to the QVC website. I'm speculating that the Purrstone will be on this week, but the other items were not mentioned on the HOT LINE and may or may not be for this Saturday's show:

Boyds Purrstone "Santa Claws & Nibbles..." Resin Figurine
Item Number C95158
QVC Price $17.00
Shipping and Handling $4.47
From the delightful new Purrstone collection comes "Santa Claws and Nibbles...A Purrfect Holiday". Santa Claws is a tabbie cat wearing a red and white santa suit and hat. He holds a Christmas tree with a gold colored star at the top. Nibbles is a gray mouse who sits at Santa Claws's side. Each will be numbered and gift boxed with a Certificate of Authenticity. Measures: 3" H. "Santa Claws and Nibbles" is also available in the retail line.

Tundra Northpole 12" Chenille Bear
Item Number C95162
QVC Price $20.00
Shipping and Handling $4.47
Tundra Northpole is a 12" white chenille bean bag bear. She wears a red and blue plaid chenille scarf and has button eyes, a black hand stitched nose and black hand stitching on her paw pads. She comes with a Boyds hang tag. Tundra is available in the retail line.

Tomba Bearinski 14" Plush Bear
Item Number C95183
QVC Price $37.00
Shipping and Handling $4.47
Tomba Bearinski is a 14 white plush bear. He has grey paw pads, and the paw pads on his feet have one snowflake on them. He is wearing a grey and burgundy snowflake sweater and a matching ski cap. He has button eyes and a black hand stitched nose. Tomba is available in the retail line.

Ingrid & Tasha Norbruin with Toggle, Limited Edition.
QVC Price $68.50
Shipping and Handling $4.72
Ingrid is an off-white, 16", big earred bear wearing a royal blue velvet sleeveless dress with an off-white velvet hooded coat. She is holding a blue velvet stocking with "Joy" embroidered on the top. A 3-1/2" T.F. Wuzzie named Toggle is peaking out from inside. Tasha is beige and is wearing a cream velvet sleeveless dress and a blue and cream colored chenille cardigan. She is approx 8" H.

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