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Ann's Week 5 Report 12-4-99

Jan 15, 2000 Collector's Day on QVC
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QVC   Report 12-4-99
Come on and party!!! Talk about "Putting on the Ritz"! Gary nearly outdid himself, all dressed up in his top hat and tails and ready to celebrate the new millennium during the final chapter of the "Gary and Mary Beth Show - Boyds Bears and Friends" on QVC. Mary Beth was gorgeous in her party attire and a gracious hostess, as always. THB made his grand entrance singing and dancing ala Fred Astair with card playing buddies, Bill and Bob providing musical accompaniment on the finest plastic kazoos that Gary could find! The live studio audience was warm and welcoming and everyone was ready to have fun!
The first "guest" at the gala was Ursula Berriman, a 12" beauty that launched on QVC in December 1998. She was dressed in a medium blue cut-velour dress with a tea-dyed lace collar worn over tea dyed pantalets. Her hat matched her dress and was trimmed with tan silk roses. She was an exclusive.

Next to make his appearance was Father Kristmas with Northwind P. Bear. This duo was my Pick of the Show! Father Kristmas was a nice big 16" chenille bear, self-dressed with a gold face and arms, burgundy pants and black boots. His Santa hat was burgundy, trimmed in white chenille and he was wearing the cutest pair of suspenders! What made him extra special was his medium length, curly antique- white beard (made of doll's hair) and his companion Northwind P. Bear. Northwind was an 8" polar bear with a jointed face like the Boyds Bubba bears. That makes him immensely posable. A burgundy ribbon complimented his shaved white fur. A stand was included with this set.

Bailey 1999 and Baby Bailey 2000 plush ornaments didn't last for a full presentation. They sold out during their short preview. From what we did see, Bailey was a 6" plush wearing a forest green velvet dress with faux fur collar and matching hat. She held a pillow with 1999 embroidered on it. Baby Bailey was dressed in blue velvet and wearing a red party hat with tassels. Her little pillow was red and said 2000. She was also 6" and both were brand new and exclusive.

The new Boyds Canvas Tote "The Storyteller" also didn't last long . Made by High Wind Productions, it was a sturdy natural colored canvas bag with woven shoulder straps. A picture of "Bailey the Storyteller" and the Boyd's Bear logo decorated the front. The other side was plain. The bag measured 15"W x 5-3/4"D x 15"H and was 100% Cotton.

The Limited Edition for the day was Whihley with Winkle and Pip. They were the first ever set that's a bear and penguin combo. The bear, Whihley, was a white 12" plush and wore a navy, light blue, gray, and white snowflake design cardigan over a gray cut-velvet ribbed romper. Earmuffs in dark blue velvet were on his head. Winkle (6" ) and Pip (3") were adorable fuzzy fellows made of blended gray and black plush. According to the Headbean, they had "vinylique" beaks and blue scarves. The edition was 3,000 sets and they were very popular!

The next "guest" was also popular and a quick sell-out! It was Shi Wong, a 12" mohair panda bear. Gary pronounced the name "Sure" Wong for the audience, and told us that he is fairly fluent in the language, then shared a story of one of his business trips that made me, shall we say, question his fluency! He did say that Shi Wong means "Hope" in Chinese and I hope you were quick on the dial if you wanted this beautiful eggplant (dark purple) and champagne colored soft and squishy bear. It was announced during the show that Shi Wong was intended to be a launch, but now due to some manufacturing problems in China, she has now been declared an exclusive. Each will be hand-numbered on her hangtag. There were approximately 2,500 in the edition.

A Premier Edition of the newest Le Dollmoge Porcelain Box, Lindsey with Louise was very limited. Only 1,000 were made for QVC and they sold out quickly. This matte finish box depicted a young girl wearing a dress and playing the violin with her book in her lap. There were musical notes circling the base of the Dollmoge box. Inside was the little bear Louise. Each was numbered on the bottom of the base.

As you can see, this was a show of sell-outs, and another was J.R., Avery & I.M. Set of 3 Resin Carvers Choice Ornaments. "J.R. Fairbanks...Freeze Enterprise" was holding a sign & a bucket of snowballs. He wore red mittens, a red hat and green scarf. "Avery Frostbuns...Open House" was holding a set of birdhouses. He wore a black top hat and a green scarf. I.M. Ketchikan... Stringin' Along" was holding a string of stars and wore red gloves, a blue scarf & a red and green ski cap. These cute resin snowmen will arrive in a gift box with a certificate of authenticity. They each measure about 3-1/4" high. These are also available in the regular retail line.

Other "guests" at this Millennium Party were exclusive items at QVC which have appeared on previous shows and have now become available in limited quantities. They were Logan in the tree sweater, Buchanan J. Bearinton mohair bear, pink champagne mohair bear, Bingham the 22" dark brown Archive bear, Starlynn and Skylar 8" plush angel bears and the Limited Edition set "Family Traditions" which included Grandmother Beatrice, Baileyanne, Tedley F. Wuzzie, a quilt, and tea set. Several items were shown which are also available at regular retail locations. They included: Mrs. Northstar , who is to be retired after only this one season in the line, Comet 5 1/2" Angel Ornament wearing a Santa hat who is also retiring and sold out at the Boyds warehouse, retiring "Mitten Kittens" - Tennyson, Shelley, and Keats, Annisa Whittlebear, Klaus Von Fuzzner, and Charlie Chatsworth.

There was one other brand new QVC exclusive that was introduced and sold out. Gabriella Angelfaith, a 12" Plush angel bear was a beautiful little lady. She was a special edition made only for QVC and welcomes the New Year and the new century with her soft burgundy wool sweater embroidered with the year 2000 in gold thread on the front. Gold thread also provided the details on her old-fashioned hard felt off-white angel wings. With a gold halo on her ear and a twinkle in her eye, she was a very special bear to mark the turn of the century and the wrap-up of this 5-week series of Boyds Bears and Friends on QVC.

It's been an exciting time with many new and beautiful launches, exclusives and returning favorites and very special limited editions. We've seen The Headbean as Father Time/Baby New Year, one very extra-ordinary Grannie, a wonderful waddling penguin, a very "cool cat", and now a dashing, dancing, debonair version of the real Mr. Lowenthal, Gary as Hisself, the man behind the "stuff" we love! It looks like he really has returned to good health, maintains his fine humor, and is full of inspiration and ideas to take our favorite collectibles into the next century.

Thanks for joining me here at Webspresso for a weekly report on the best time on QVC and I join Gary in his wish that you take time to remember that the most important things in life are family, faith, and health. Happy Holidays and Happy Boyding everyone!

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Gabriella Angelfaith 12" Plush Bear
Item Number C95153
QVC Price $27.50
Shipping and Handling $4.47
From the Boyds collection comes Gabriella Angelfaith, a 12" Plush tan bear. She's a Millenium bear wearing a burgundy sweater with the year "2000" embroidered in gold colored thread on it. She has wings and a halo. She is fully jointed with button eyes and a black hand stitched nose and comes with
a Boyds hang tag.

Shi Wong Panda
Item Number C95180
QVC Price $36.00
Shipping and Handling $4.47
A 12-inch Panda Bear, Shi Wong is an eggplant and champagne colored mohair bear. It is soft bodied and fully jointed with button eyes and a black hand stitched nose. Each will be handnumbered on the Boyds hang tag. Shi Wong means Hope in Chinese. Made of Mohair blend 70%Wool/30% Acrylic.

Father Kristmas Bear & Northwind P. Bear Polar Bear
Item Number C95186
QVC Price $43.00
Shipping and Handling $4.97
From the Boyds collection comes Father Kristmas and Northwind P. Bear. Father Kristmas is a 16", gold colored, shaggy chenille bear in a burgundy and white santa suit. He also has a medium length, curly, antique white beard. Northwind is an 8" white shaved mohair polar bear. He has hand stitching on his paw pads. Both have button eyes, hand stitched noses and are fully jointed. They come with a Boyds hang tag.

Baby Bailey '99 and 2000 6" Plush Ornaments
Item Number C95172
QVC Price $18.00
Shipping and Handling $4.22
This is a set of Bailey ornaments. Baby Bailey '99 is wearing a green velvet dress with a faux fur collar and a matching faux fur hat. She is holding a pillow that has the year "1999" embroidered on it. Baby Bailey '2000 is wearing a blue sleeveless dress and a red cap with tassles on it. She is
holding a red pillow that has the year "2000" embroidered on it. Both have button eyes and hand stitched black noses. Measure: 6" H.

Comet 5-1/2-inch Plush Bear Ornaments
Item Number C95187
QVC Price $17.50
Shipping and Handling $4.22
This is the Comet set of 3 plush bear ornaments. Comet is a 5 1/2", gold colored angel bear wearing a red and white Santa hat and he has white angel wings on his back. He is fully jointed with button eyes and a black hand stitched nose and mouth. Comes with a Boyds hang tag.

Whihley with Winkle & Pip Ltd. Ed. Bears
Item Number C96376
QVC Price $53.00
Shipping and Handling $4.72
Whihley is a 12" bear wearing a blue & grey cardigan sweater with velvet pants & blue velvet ear muffs. Winkle, a 6" penguin, is attached to his paw. There is also a smaller penguin, Pip who measures about 3". Both penguins wear blue scarves and are gray & black blended plush. The set includes a
stand for Whihley. Limited edition of 3000 with numbered hand tags.

January 15, 2000 Collector's Day on QVC

"The Headbean for Mayor! " Yes folks... he's running for Mayor of Boyds Town, and as part of his special campaign appearance on QVC, we were treated to the world-wide premier of the Bearly-Built Village, as well as, Premier Editions of several new Spring Dollstones, 2 great hours of terrrrrrrific plush, and lots of fun and surprises when QVC and Boyds teamed up for January 2000 Collector's Day!

During the resin program, Hishonor Gary Lowenthal, proudly presented the Premier Editions of Bailey's Cozy Cottage, The Public Libeary, Edmund's Hideaway, The Ted E. Bear Shop, and The Boyds Bearly A School. Limited to 3000 of each style, these little resin houses are exquisitely detailed and have removable roofs and tiny little vignettes inside, and those lift out to reveal a secret message. As expected, they were a total sell-out, but subsequent editions of 5100 each will soon be available at Boyds retailers. Be sure to look for Alphonse or Sally, the little bears, hiding somewhere on each cottage!

As they have done in the past, Boyds also presented Premier Editions (3000 of each piece) of the some of the newest pieces in the Dollstone line. They were: "Cindy with Collier...Dress Up", a mixed media piece featuring a little girl in a dress trimmed with a lace collar trying to tie a real ribbon on her dog; "Brook with Joshua...Puddle Jumpers" which depicted a little girl in a bright red rain coat and hat splashing through a big rain puddle with her little bear by the hand; and "Barbara Ann with Jodi and Annie...Stitched With Love" with a little girl using an antique sewing machine with a hand turned wheel to make an outfit for her doll. Watching was Annie, seated beside her and Jodi who had to stand on a book to see her sewing. Regular editions of 6000 each will be available in the retail line.

Other new items but in regular editions included: "Bailey the Honey Bear" Le Bearmoge porcelain box with Bailey sitting on a beehive surrounded by sunflowers and eating honey. (A tiny bear, of course, was hiding inside.); The "Huck with Mandy, Zoe and Zack" Bearstone with Huck giving his little friends a ride in the "Bear Express" wagon; two brand new Purrstones - "Pokie Pawsworthy...The Bug Inspector" with a dragon fly perched on his nose and "Momma Purrsmore, and Baby Belle with Rinkie, Dinky and Dew...Once Upon a Time" with the mouse trio wearing tiny glasses to read along in the storybook; and the Wee Folkstone Faerie, "Sudsie Faeriesock...The Mischief Maker" sitting on a basket of laundry just waiting for the chance to make a few socks disappear!

The plush show was one fabulous item after another and "Sold Out" signs were appearing at a rapid pace! First up was Mr. Chucklebeary, a "most unusual bear" made in a fantastic blue plush with Lurex flecks giving it a special sparkle. This little cutie had a smiling mouth and the typical antique body style with a humped back. Pink and purple removable ruffled collars and fuzzy pom poms trimmed this latest clown in the Boyds line-up.

Wilbur and Bartley Poochley were a darling set of two chenille dogs wearing "cool" bandannas. Wilbur was rust and white with a navy blue bandanna with ivory stars and Bartley was tan and sporting a red plaid bandanna. Measuring about 10" each, they had shaving on the top and front of their muzzles giving them sweet little faces, and long hockey stick arms, short legs and ears that could be posed. I especially liked the way their paws were stitched tightly to form little toes! These were a launch and sold out.

Mary Beth Roe announced that the next set shown was half way to being a sell-out just from the previews, and it was easy to understand why Hannah, Ursula, Greta and Sarabeth in their rich red and white outfits were so popular! Hannah was a 14" white plush dressed in a red velvet romper and hat with a large white silk flower on the upturned brim. In her paw she had a canvas bag embroidered with a red heart. Accompanying her were Ursula, an 8" gold archive bear in an off-white velvet jumper trimmed with a red embroidered heart and Greta, a 6" mocha archive bear in a red velvet hat with a white silk flower. She was holding Sarabeth, a white angel Wuzzie measuring a tiny 2 1/2 ". The entire quantity was gone very quickly. They will make a perfect Valentine's Day vignette for some lucky bear fans!

Several sets on the show were combinations of items from the retail line with QVC launches. One such set was the retail line bear Bristol, who was presented with Chelsea and Cornwell, who were launches. These 8 1/2" plush bears featured the new two-toned faces for Boyds bears. Bistol was British tan with a white muzzle and ears and a black jacquard neck ribbon. Cornwell had golden brown fur and a white muzzle and ears with a green ribbon. Chelsea was all cream color and she had a pink neck ribbon.

Latte Lapinne, Katalina Kafinata, and Josanna Java were a combination as well, with Latte the white hare, being another QVC launch. Katalina was a light brown cat and Josanna, a brown bear. All three were outfitted in "Americana" prints and plaids and were 5 1/2 inch non-jointed ornaments which would look super added to a summer wreath or as package trimmers if you didn't want them to just "hang around" the house.

The last combo retail/launch was Tatters and Patches B. Beariluved, which Mayor Gary said were "wonderful for a hundred different reasons"! Patches is in the Spring line and Tatters was a launch. These bent knee bears with elongated bean shaped bodies can be shelf-sitters or posed in a variety of ways. They were Hishonor's Pick of the Show and had blue gingham checked bows around their necks and cute red checked patches and stitches on their bodies and paws as if they had been mended after years of much luvin'.

Mary Beth's Pick of the Show was the QVC Exclusive Cassandra Purrsley, a soft and sweet shaggy chenille 14" cat with a dark reddish-pink voile ribbon around her neck. She was adorable with cupped ears and puffy toes and a new style of eyes (found after much searching by Liz Smith). They have tiny lines in the blue iris and large black pupils, like the eyes often used for dolls. No surprise that Cassandra was gone quickly.

Delta was a delightful exclusive, this time a big 16" brown bear designed with a 1930's look with shaving on her nose reaching a peak above her two-toned brown eyes. Another Liz Smith design, she wore a red and white checked dress trimmed with tan and tan tea-dyed bloomers. The dress had pin-tucks on the bodice and buttoned up the front. Her beautiful woven straw hat was trimmed with the dress fabric and had red silk carnations.

14"bears, 16 bears" and then even 18"!! Grovsnor S. Grizbear was a really big hunk o' bear and also a QVC exclusive. He featured soft fiberfill on top and beans in his bottom and was designed to be heavy and hug-able. Grosvnor was a white plush neeked bear with a sheer voile multicolored neck ribbon and he sold out quickly.

Karen B. Bearsdale was another QVC exclusive and another sell-out. She was a light brown bear in a cotton romper and hat. The blue and white plaid fabric used was a brand new one for Boyds, and is also featured on several items in the Spring 2000 retail line. Purple rosettes trimmed the romper and that color was picked up in the light muted pastel shades of the flowers on her matching plaid hat. She featured hazel eyes with black centers.

Also a sell-out, Miss Amirella and Ripley was a Limited Edition Set (3000, available only on QVC) of bear, dog and trunk containing "extra" outfits for this well-dressed young lady. Miss Amirella was a gold bean bag bear dressed in a dark brown corduroy dress and a wool-blend "menswear checked" coat with brown velour trim and matching flower trimmed hat. Inside her black trunk she had a tan corduroy romper and a cute raincoat which was plaid on the inside and black nylon on the outside. Her companion, Ripley Q. Drooler is the first tri-colored Wuzzie dog and his "fur coat" was tan, black and white. Miss Amirella was 8" and Ripley was 3". Mary Beth mentioned that "trunk dolls" have always been popular, and she was delighted to see this "trunk bear".

Starlight B. Bearsworth was another big fellow, this time a whopping 17" of shaggy taupe colored chenille. He featured an entirely new facial look and style for Boyds. He had a shaved muzzle, a very high forehead and closely set beautiful two-toned brown eyes. Starlight's paw pads and big bow around his neck were made in navy blue fabric with a small star print.

Mary Beth and Gary also presented some items which we have seen before on other QVC shows, and several things from the Spring line which are, or will soon be, available at your favorite retail store, such as Lois and Clark, Edmund and Bailey.

He wobbled, he bobbled and he was brand new! Bobble B. Beansford was a new design with a "moving" head. A coffee colored 10" shaggy chenille bear wearing a bright red jacquard ribbon around his wobbly neck, he was a big hit with shoppers who couldn't resist him after Gary demonstrated how his head could be posed tilted to one side or in a variety of different adorable angles.

Leo, Tumble and Topper were an exclusive/retail combo. A new trio of T. F. Wuzzies, they were Leo the Lion and Tumble the clown, designed by Liz Smith and Topper the monkey, an exclusive designed by Jody Battaglia. (The lion in the retail line is named Theo, but this is what Gary said, and he's the Headbean, so I'm telling you what I heard!)

Also designed by Bear Artist Jody Battaglia, the set of Martha and George Jodibears were smaller than others in that series and were a launch by QVC. These little darlings were 5" light brown bears fully dressed in mini print fabrics. Martha wore bloomers and a dress with a matching hat and George was all dressed up in shirt, pants and suspenders.

Nothing on the show, no matter how well dressed, could equal the attire worn by the candidate for re-election! Who the heck elected him before? Oh, of course, he "appointed" hisself!! Gary's outfit of lime green satin jacket, lavender ruffled shirt (ala Elvis?) plaid pants, high boots and campaign promise-size tall purple hat made him a stand-out, as well as an out-standing host. I'll cast my vote for the man who promised a bear in every room, and always admits that he "only lies to us on days that end in y"!
hott.gif (3497 bytes)Gary will be back on QVC in March for the Easter Show and the Boyds "Mini-Bear Diane" will be there February 21st for the first ever Boyds Doll Show. I'll see you again soon!

EXCLUSIVES: Cassandra Purrsley, Delta, Grovsnor S. Grizbear, Karen B. Bearsdale, Miss Amirella and Ripley, Mr. Chucklebeary ("You can only find it at QVC"??)

LAUNCHES: Tatters B. Beariluved (in set with Patches B. Beariluved), Martha and George Jodibears, Wilbur and Bartley, Chelsea and Cornwell (in set with Bristol), and Latte Lapinne (in set with Katalina and Josanna).

NOT ABSOLUTELY 100 % SURE: Bobble B. Beansford, Starlight B. Bearsworth, Set of Hannah, Ursula, Greta and Sarabeth

clickherepaw.gif (4639 bytes) For those who missed the shows, Julie has posted pictures of many of the items described in my report on her Oh Boyds Bear Museum site and has graciously given permission for me to provide a link for you to visit and view them for yourself. Just Click on the Bear Paw! Have fun, and thanks Julie!
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