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dclo1.gif (6455 bytes)A few weeks ago, at the Webspresso Lounge, we were discussing Bear Motifs. I have always enjoyed the Bell Hop motif, and Lizzie mentioned how she was intruiged by the Clown motif.
I was recently looking through a great book I own, called the Teddy Bear Encyclopedia, by Pauline Cockrill. I decided to share some of the info from the book with you. This book is a classic, and I highly recommend it! I'll add more as we go.
If you have a request, or additional information, please contact me. Sally@webspresso.com

Here are just a few examples of how profiles vary with different bear designs.

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Check out these great photos
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brbut.gif (1437 bytes)~1930s Yes / No Clown Bear ~brbut.gif (1437 bytes)
  brbut.gif (1437 bytes)~1923 Messenger Bear ~ brbut.gif (1437 bytes)
brbut.gif (1437 bytes) ~1990 Bumble Bee Artist Bear ~brbut.gif (1437 bytes)
brbut.gif (1437 bytes) ~ Schucco Miniatures ~brbut.gif (1437 bytes)
brbut.gif (1437 bytes)~ Steiff Clowns - Circa 1902 ~brbut.gif (1437 bytes)
See this page for some history on the Clown Motif. Thanks,Lizzie