Sugar Grove Cemetery
near Cygnet, Ohio

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  This is also called the Whitacre Cemetery, as it is located on the old Reason Whitacre farm. It's very pretty there, still today. Reason has both wives buried on either side of him. The Sugar Grove Cemetery was opened in 1841, and the first person buried there was Hanna Whitacre, eldest daughter of  Reason. Her stone reads Feb 15, 1840.

The Sugar Grove Church and Sugar grove School were also located on the Reason Whitacre Farm. The church was established here in 1840. A meeting house was built on the east side of the Reason Whitacre farm, which stood until the fall of 1894 when it was moved to Jerry City. Most of the seventy members  were formerly members of the Sugar Grove Society.
[ information taken from Cemeteries in Bloom Township, Wood County, Ohio]

Whitacres Buried At Sugar Grove Cemetery

ELIZABETH wife of Isaac 7-11-1855 30 y 1mo 26d
MAHLON   9-26-1867 28y 6m 17d
MAHLON   7-28-1847 61y 9m 23d
MARION son of Reason & Mary 7-31-1879 3 days
MARY [first wife of Reason] B. 3-19-1820
D. 5-26-1864
MARY M [2nd wife of Reason] B.12-24-1835
PHEBE wife of Mahlon D 8-9-1849 62y 4m 20d
REASON   B.Nov 8, 1814 [NOTE: the date is incorrect on the stone]
D Sept 25 1900
SARAH J dau of Mahlon & Phebe D. 8-12-1842  
SAMUEL   D 8-9-1877 27y 11m
SAMUEL M son of Isaac & Elizabeth D. May 1843  
PRESTON (WHITAKER)   D 9-16-1840 35y 10m 26d