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The CVG Error Guide

While the Collectors Value Guide™ continuously serves as a wonderful resource for Boyds Collectors, there seems to be a few errors with each printing. (hey, nobody's perfect!) This web page can be used as a friendly exchange of information regarding CVG errors.
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If you have one to submit - please send an e-mail to: sally@webspresso.com

2000 Plush Guide
1999 RESIN GUIDE    1999 PLUSH GUIDE    1998 Guidebook
last update 07/26/00

2000 Plush Guide

From: Barbara
Hi---Didn't find: Baby Bailey 1999 and Baby Bailey 2000 ornaments. Mr. Chucklebeary. 20th Anniversary Ltd. Edition (Justina, Matt, B. Anne; Zuzu wuzzie and a three-wheeled wagon).

From:    Dijen89@aol.com
I could not find Grovsnor S. Grizbear or Starlite B. Bearsworth in the 2000 Collector's Guide. They were QVC exclusives.

From: Tamara Tamara@bearsandhares.com
Bailey Fall 99 is missing.  I think Justina, et al -- the 20th anniversary QVC plush set is missing, too.

From:  Linda  tuttle@neo.rr.com 
I noticed in the 2000 Guide 2 of my pieces are missing. "Matthew the Anniversary Bear" and "Katie Kat II" the Lord & Taylor Exclusive in the pastel pink sleeper.

From:Susan  sparente@optonline.net   (crazycat)
Here are a couple of missing Plush items from the guide:
Fletcher issued S-99
Jebel issued S-99
They were Limited Editions offered last year around Easter
Also can't locate Rag Doll Tallahassee

From: Glennis bgrose@jps.net
A.P. Gold Bear and G.P. Gold Bear are reversed. A.P. is Allison and G.P. is Gary.

From: Carol  aunticarol@gateway.net
Penny Whistleby, Uptown Collection, #900251, 8" tall and selling for $52.00,
is missing from the Plush Guide. Penny is a small version of Mrs. Trumble with an extra pink sweater. She comes in a steamer trunk.

From:    rwmjk@snet.net   (rwkimberley)
I think the following are missing from the 2000 plush guide:
QVC Alexander Pattington
Kensington Braveheart
Justine, Bailey & Matt Family LE set
kayla Bearimore
Mother May I
Poppa Ted Truckingham

Uptown Bear - Olivia
Uptown Bear - Molly Beariman & Nathan

From:  DAWN  d.havard@wayne.edu
1. They finally fixed the Matthew F97 but the Edmund F97 is still wrong.
2. No Pelman Thomas (1999) or Maggie and Theo (1999) both Welcome Home Exclusives, both been around long enough to make it into the book.
3. No Mr. BoJANGLES from QVC.
4. They did have a Harry from Lord and Taylor BUT no Sally (same bear, different sweaters).
5. There seems to be a lot more Exclusive pictures missing in this year's book.
6. The picture of Oxford (as light brown bear) is actually TOWNSEND and vice versa!


From:  Melissa  -   tmkkg9@rochelle.net  
1.) Edmund Fall 97 and Matthew Fall 97 pictures are reversed
2.) The picture of Elloit B. Bean is not him ( Looks like Albert)
3.) The Ophelia pictured is right for that # they just omitted the red flannel PJ version
4.) The rabbit pictured is not Fergie. (she's blueish gray & not chenille)
5.) They made no mention of Kayla Berrimore from QVC December 98.

From: Aimee aimee@thematterhorn.com  
For 99 plush guide- Picture of Thisbey F. Wuzzie and Twilight F. Wuzzie
are reversed.

From: Steve - SJH4TB@aol.com
On page 66, instead of Edmund fall 97, they have a pic of Matthew.

From: Tia - Tpesko@aol.com
P68 Father Christmas is really Niklas who is also shown on page 176

Fillmore is shown only as QVC on page 167. I got my red tag Fillmore at a gold paw dealer. He is being sold by QVC but is not an exclusive.

From: betts@downcity.net  Christine
On pg. 86 Ophelia W. Witebred is the wrong bear. It should be the ophelia in the red flannel.

Janette_Fowler@ms1.asburyseminary.edu   writes:
There is no mention of Valerie Dubeary a GCC exclusive. Her tag says 1985-98.


From: Elizabeth  EHarm60928@aol.com
I have Wendy Willowhare in a 1st edition and she was originally introduced as Wendy Willowhare & Pip. However, I noticed there in no Pip to be found. I noticed the later editions just say  Wendy Willowhare.

From:    featsent@alltel.net   and djodry@netusa1.net
They only have one Catlin with Emma& Edmund listed. The Kirlin's exclusive is not in the 99 book.

From:    T4brs@aol.com 
Bailey..the night before Christmas musical was NOT a PE
Cerebella (wee folk) was a PE
Fergus McDivot (wee folk) was a PE in Spring of '98
Grandma FaerieHugs(wee folk) was a PE
The bride faerie was also a PE
All dollstones on the Jan.16 Collectors Day show were PE's

From: Tia - Tpesko@aol.com 
Etheral..Angel of Light should be the top of the top 5 Folkstone list and is not even on it.

Wilson with Love Sonnets has a RS version.

P 52 Bee My Honey- the actual name of this piece is Bailey...A Little Bit of Honey and has a variation of HBM.

P 173 Velma plush has a variation with error 98 on foot.

From: Linda - hawkens@ismi.net 
The water globe Liddy Pearl was issues in a P.E. on QVC.
The teacher porcelain doll, Ms. Ashley was also issued as a P.E. on QVC.

1998 Guidebook Errors

So far Harry Croft said that the Polaris retirement is a error. He hasn't heard any news of this. Have a great day! :o) Thanks Donna!

Many Collectors have noted the obvious omission of the very rare and valuable ($835) Canadian Elf Bear from the "Bearstone Top Ten" list!
Thanks Sunny!

Several folks have commented on the lack of secondary prices for the pins - we know some of those old retired gems have gone for much more than the retail price of $4!

Page 49 shows Clarion Bear instead of Bailey w/Suitcase SFMB.

Linda at Collectibles writes:
These are mistakes I have found:

  • Constance & Felicity is listed as having editions, but it is a limited edition & just has piece number & no editions.
  • On #28203-06, Etheral Angel, the picture is not her; it is Illumina Angel.
  • On #28206-06, Astrid Angel, LE, they have also listed edition numbers, & the item just has piece number & no editions.
  • #2822, Angel of Peace, the picture is that of one we are familiar with; however, the very FIRST angel of peace had a different face. After a few months, it was resculptured & issued, but never a mention of that in other publications..
    Thanks Linda!

I e-mailed CVG last week with the errors I found.

  • One was Sandra S. Claus Dollstone, listed at $23.00, when in fact it was $53.00. I know cause I bought it.

  • Also, Sabbath Nights Dollstone, listed at $38.00, when it was $28.00.

(And I think one of these they list the value at $17.00. I don't have the CVG with me, so I can't check it.)
Thank you to Colette for sharing this!

My contributions: On page 76, the value of "Jessica and Timmy, Animal Hospital" is listed as $16 for all editions, when the original price is $40 (and the piece hasn't even hit the stores yet...).
In the plush, there is also the great Higgins/Higgy and Farnsworth Jr/Sr picture identification errors, a mistake from last year that was not corrected.
Thanks for your contribution, Cindy!


  • p 78 Price of Sandra S. Claus is incorrect (believe it was around $56)
  • p.49 SFMBBailey with Suitcase: Picture shown is Clarion bear

Omissions (possible because this info was not available before printing deadline)

  • p.79 Teresa and John does not list a Premier price
  • p.77 Mary and Paul not listed as Ltd. Ed. GM's choice (as piece is marked).
  • QVC exclusives Gwain & Guinevere not listed

Elaine, thanks for sending these in!

Lara LE was not in there. Mrs. Potter and Amadeaus wasn't either. Jamie and Thomasina was a premier.
Thanks Michelle for sharing!!

QVC Uncle Gus and the Gift $88.50 not listed in CVG
Thanks "smeebody!"

Page 47 #7 shows a picture of Emma the Witchy  Bear resin, should be the votive with the large pumpkin.
Thanks to Marian - Mmpunkios@aol.com

In the Plush section, the following bears are not documented as having retired in '97, although the'97 CVG states that they were to retire in '97:

  • Camilla #5732 p.133
  • Farnsworth Jr. #5870-08 p.135
  • Lenora Flatstein #5685-08 p.137
  • Aubergine #9107 p.132
  • Carlin Wabbit #9115 p.133
  • Hedy #9186-01 p.136
  • Stewart Rarebit #9116 p.141
  • Demi #9112 p.134

Now, it gets even more confusing, 'cause in the '98 CVG (pp.98-99), it states that Camilla, Farnsworth Jr., Lenora Flatstein, Aubergine, Carlin Wabbit, Demi, Hedy,Stewart Rarebit are all retiring in '98, yet they were listed in the '97 CVG (p.79) as retiring in '97....So which is it??
Also, Edmund Fall of '96 is not listed on either p.79 of the '97 CVG or pp.98-99 of the '98 CVG as retired, yet on p.102 of the'98 CVG, he is marked as retired in '97.
What is the verdict on those retirements?
Dena - DCAT10@aol.com

Thanks Dena! Does anyone know the status of these plush?

In some of the New CVG "98" books pages 129 - 145 are missing.
Have a great day! Donna :o)

Edmund Fall 1994 shows a red hat, which is an error. His hat actually matches his sweater. Thanks Brenda!

Two missing items from the latest version of the CVG is Indigo Jones as well as Kent with Putnam.
On Page 102, it is listed that the variation of Spring 94 Edmund wears a black and white shirt. I think the variation is in the color of his pants. The "confused Edmund" wears navy pants with a black and white shirt whereas the "normal Edmund" wears black pants with a black and white shirt.
On Page 106, there is only one Callaghan listed. I know that there are two versions of him because I purchased both versions !
Thanks to Marie

The plush bear Disraeli is spelled incorrectly as Disreali.

The Folkstone figure Jean Claude and Jacques - Jacques is spelled incorrectly
as Jacque.
Thanks Caren for pointing out the typos.
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