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"Pooh felt that he should say something helpful about it, but didn't quite know what. So he decided to do something helpful instead."  Winnie the Poohpohhicon.gif (1596 bytes)

An expected package from Sally and John's home arrived at our house in late March 1998. We knew the contents of the box: The Get Well Winnie the Pooh! My husband Jim was scheduled for two very complicated and radical back surgeries the first week of April. He had been suffering from chronic back pain and had been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease. His first operation called an Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion would involve an incision from his chest where all disc matter would be scraped out and bone plugs would be inserted between vertebrae. His second operation, a Lumbar Laminectomy with Fusion and Instrumentation involved an incision in his back and two metal rods and screws to be placed on either side of the vertebrae. Needless to say, we were familiar with the complexity of the operations and were scared.

When we opened the box, Pooh bear surprised us with his cuddly sweet looks and cheerful grin! He sure played the part with his hospital gown that read "Get Well Soon", his crutch and bandages! In fact, Jim looked a lot like Pooh even before his surgeries. Jim had a bandage around a finger due to a torn nail; he was using his canes to steady himself and his bad knee was wrapped due to the wet and foggy recent days that aggravated the stiffness. When it rains, it pours! We lightly placed Pooh high up on a shelf in our office so he could survey his new home for the next few months. I had to return to work and so Jim, my cats and Pooh were alone all day. My older cat often slept on the bed with Jim and Pooh kept watch over everyone. Each day I noticed honey smears on Pooh's smock, face and paws. The Boyds bears had been keeping the Bear Hollow Honey Stand open 24 hours for Pooh! And indulge he did! He had an insatiable appetite for "hunny" always declaring that "it was time for a little smackeral."

click to enlarge pic(Click to enlarge pic)  Pooh's extended stay at our house was an important part of both Jim's and my healing. Jim and I grew closer through the frightening aftermath of his recovery. Our marriage passed yet another rite of bonding. Pooh's presence at our house was due to concern and compassion from Sally and John who in turn received Pooh from Linda, a woman of great love and compassion, and who has also now become my friend. After a few months of steady progress in Jim's recovery, it was time to choose Pooh's next important assignment.

I noticed a get well wish for Crystal, a fellow Boyds collector on the internet board. I knew Crystal only by name and had corresponded with her a few times last year when she was helping me identify a nameless panda! So I emailed her and offered her Pooh with his bundles of good cheer and love! She gladly accepted him with open arms and of course, now we exchange both Boyds and Pooh hugs! I'll let her tell you her story…

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