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Please enjoy Tami's Boyds Collection Photos Below
Tami meets the Head Bean Aug 21, 1999 at the UTAH signing.
"Minney Needs a Girl Friend" - an original story By Tami!


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tami3.jpg (69528 bytes) I think I started collecting Boyds around October '97. It all began with "Serenity...The Mother's Angel" and has snowballed since then. I've always been partial to angels, but this one was extra special because it was an angel for mothers. I being a mother knew we could use all the help we can get! So I had to have her. I've since added one or two as I could afford it. As you can see my collection is not yet complete, but I'm working on it.
tami6.jpg (23018 bytes) My first plush! This is Lisa T. Bearinger and Eden. I won both of these in contests and this is when the "plush bug" bit me. Don't you love Eden's sweater?
tami5.jpg (58773 bytes) Since then I've focused mainly on the moose. They are my favorite! I walk into a store with Boyds moose and they just scream out my name. In the picture are Mercer and Morley angels, then Vermooth, Magnus, Monte, Minney, Miliken, Mortimer, Martini, Maurice, Mendel and Maynard. I really love their names!
tami4.jpg (29404 bytes) I've recently acquired a few little bears, but I know there are many yet to come. Four of these were given to me either by friends or my hubby. They are Lancaster, Marvin Snowbeary, Margarita, Lancaster again, and York.
tami2.jpg (20385 bytes) This is me with York and Lancaster. They are so loveable! I love all my furry critters and my angels. I just can't get enough of 'em. Some collectors say they are running out of room for their collection, but this is not a problem for me yet. I have plenty of room so I plan on getting many, many more. They make me smile.


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An original story by...Tami!

Hmmmmmmm.......don't laugh too hard at me.....
You know, Gary says to buy those that "speak" to us. Well, I do just that. These wonderful Moose critters and I really talk. We carry on conversations. We give each other advice. We laugh. We hug and give each other encouragement. I'm going to tell you a story about my moose family and in particular...Minney.

I was going about my business the other day just as I always do. I was cleaning and running up and down the stairs putting things away. Rearranging my critters so as they don't get too bored. As I walk by I smile or sometimes I just can't resist...I grab one and hold him or her for a while. They're so loveable as you all know. They make me smile!

Well, I was noticing that Minney just didn't seem like herself. She would look at me as I went by and even though she would smile at me, I could tell something was wrong. So, I took her aside and said, "Minney, is there something bothering you today?" Of course, she didn't want to bother me, but I knew she needed to talk, so I asked her again. "Well Tami, she said, I love my family and I love my friends. I enjoy the talks that you and I have. I am so happy that you adopted me, and I really am happy here. Miliken is so good to me. He treats me like a real lady. My boys, Mortimer, Maynard, Maurice and Mendel keep me very busy but very happy also. And having Miliken's brother Magnus and my dear father, Monte here living with us has been absolutely wonderful!"

I was a little confused. She was saying such wonderful things, but I could tell there was something that was amiss. "That's all wonderful Minney, but what is it?" She continued "I keep pretty busy. I cook, I clean and I have been doing some sewing. In fact, I made scarves out of the same material as my dress for Mendel and Mortimer and also a nice hunting cap for Magnus. I even did a little knitting...a nice sweater for Maynard, Maurice and Miliken too. They love them. I also sewed a nice, warm robe for Monte. He looks very handsome, if I do say so myself."

"Yes Minnie, I noticed them. They are very nice. You did a wonderful job." She thanked me and went on. "Oh Tami, I shouldn't complain. I have things so nice here. But.......well, I wish I had my girlfriends nearby. I mean, I have you Tami and we talk and laugh, but...."

"I know Minney, it's just not the same as your moose girlfriends, right?" "Right", she said.

"I miss Maxine, Martini, Justina and Vermooth so. I would really love to see them again."

"You will someday, I think. I'm trying very hard to round up all your friends and family and bring them here to live, but it just takes time, sweetie. Please hang in there, ok? Tell me what's been going on lately..."

"Oh my! she said, "you missed all the excitement yesterday. Mortimer, you know, he just doesn't stop. Why yesterday he was so active and clumsy that he nearly rolled down the mountain. None of us could get to him fast enough and he was barely hanging on. I just knew he was going to finish falling off when all of a sudden, he somehow managed to pull himself up. I know he could never have done that by himself. He must've had a guardian angel or two there helping him."

"Oh, I'm so glad that he's ok!" I said. Minney seemed to be doing a little better now. I think she was enjoying her talk and she was enjoying sitting on her chair with Mendel sitting right close beside her. She was really very happy, but she just needed a little moose girl talk. Little did she know, that I was working very hard on bringing her dear friends, Vermooth and Martini, here to live with us. I was hoping within the next week or so, but I couldn't tell her yet in case it fell through. So, I decided that I would show her a little extra attention whenever I could. She needed it. She did work very hard to take care of all these men!

Well, a few days went by and I tried hard to give them all my usual love and smiles, but I did give Minney a little extra. Being the only girl in that large herd would be difficult. I was trying to be there for her. A few days later my hubby and I went to St. George for a quick trip, and guess who I found!!! Yes, Martini! Oh I thought, Minney will be so happy! I almost couldn't wait to get home just to get the two ladies together.

tamipic1.jpg (33853 bytes)We drove home with Martini in my lap. She was pretty excited too. "Do you think Minney will be happy to see me?" she asked. "Oh Martini, of course she will." I went on to tell her how lonely Minney had been lately. Next thing I knew we were pulling into my driveway and some wonderful, furry little critter was waiting on my doorstep. Yes! It was Vermooth! It was so wonderful to bring these two girls into my home to live, but most of all it was great to see the smiles on all their faces when they first saw one another. They hugged and laughed and smiled, and then hugged some more. It was wonderful!

I still give my moose all the same love and attention that I always do, but I know if I'm ever too busy that they will all entertain each other. There's quite a herd there in my family room. They each warm my heart in their own little ways and I'm so glad they're here. When I'm feeling down I have all them to go to for love, smiles and big ol' moose hugs!


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