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Michelle remembers
Valerie remembers
Shelly remembers
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Perrysburg HS Paper
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Floering Family Letter

ausangsm1.gif (9403 bytes)Michelle Remembers:

Hi, My name is Michelle, i was also one of Austin's friends. I didn't know him like all of the other people did out where we lived. I had only known him for about 1yr 1/2, but we never once had an argument about anything. He treated us all with respect and always knew how to say no to the things that he didn't want to do. I remember this one time, it was my sister, her 2 friends, and me. Austin had come over and it was at about 10:30pm, he knocked on my sister's window . Well, when she opened it, we got mooned by him. He was always known for doing that to us. Well one thing i can say about him is he is one of a kind and could never be replaced in my heart.
-Austin, I love you and i will never forget you, i will visit your grave again soon. It is so beautiful out there.~Michelle~

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Valerie Remembers:

Hi. My name is Valerie. I also grew up with Austin and will always remember him as a guy who no matter what kind of mood you were in, could always make you laugh by breaking out with some goofy dance or a made up joke. He was also a very kind and sweet guy who would always give you a shoulder to cry on or a hug when you were depressed or feeling bad about something and he never thought the reason you were sad was stupid. Everyone who knew him understands what I mean when I say this. It took me almost two full years before I could go and see his grave. It was extremely difficult, when I finally did I realized how many people truly cared about him because there were always flowers, gifts, money, and little or long notes to him and we all know from heavens view he can see and read and receive these things.
So, to Austin, we all love and miss you like crazy and we can't wait to get up there and see you again.
Love always and forever,

Shelly remembers:

Hello. My name is Shelly. I grew up with Austin and i was very upset to lose him. He was a great person and he always knew how to make you feel better when you needed him. I have many stories i can tell about him so
it makes it hard to choose just one. i have decided to tell one from a few years before he died. Me, Austin, Cassie, and a couple other people were all at Cassie's house. We had nothing to do so we decided to play spin-the-bottle. Well the only bottle we had was a French's Mustard bottle. When it was Austin turn to spin it he opened the top of the bottle and none of us noticed. Well when he spun it the mustard went everywhere. It got on the furniture and the stains are still there.
Every time we see them we think of Austin and laugh. Austin - I just want to let you know that all your friends think about you everyday and we all love you very much. Some day we will all be together again and who knows what we'll get into.
Love always ~ Shelly

The next tribute come from Austin's second cousin and good friend, Molly. Aren't we lucky to have a family where our children and our cousins children can get to know each other and enjoy their friendship.

Molly remembers:

I remember when Austin, Katey, Emily, and I were playing. " hide and go seek" in the dark at my house while our moms were at the store. Katey and Emily kept on laughing whenever Austin came up to them. I was the only person other than Austin who wasn't laughing. We kept trying to start over again but Katey and Emily kept on laughing. When my mom and Aunt Cyndi came home Austin said I was the only good one. It made me feel really good and it's my favorite memory, because I felt that Austin really liked me.

Aunt Sally remembers:

I remember one time in the summer of 95 (the last summer mom was alive), my mom, Austin's grandma, got angry at something silly Austin was doing . She was trying to be serious and scold him. Johnny and I were trying really hard not to laugh at the situation, but we couldn't conceal our giggles, and we just lost control laughing at the two of them. Then my mom just broke up, laughing so hard, much to Austin's delight!   Austin was a lot like my mom, they both saw the humorous side of life and brought joy to many people.

What a beautiful tribute to a very special young man. Although I had only heard about him via his Aunt Sally, I knew she had a deep affection for her nephew, so close to her own son, Johnny's, age. Of course, it is hard to understand the mysteries of life: why things happen the way they do, but God does have a Master plan for all of us. Its up to each one of us to be all that we can, while we can, for as long as we can, as tomorrow is not promised us. Certainly, the fond memories of loved ones always remain with us in our hearts, even if we long to feel their presence. Just think how our lives are enriched by such "special" people we know & love. And, due to the generosity of his family, he will live on in others. What a legacy for one so young to leave! May God console the entire family & give them strength to continue on life's journey, knowing that a "special" person in their lives will always shine brightly! My sincere sympathy & prayers go out to the entire family at this difficult time.
Sincerely, Kay L. Siebeneck
Friend of Sally's

Katey, who is Molly's sister, shares these words about Austin:

I remember that Austin had a caring side too. Austin, Cindy, and Emily had come to visit us in Pittsburgh. Cindy and my mom (Karen) had gone shopping and to pick up dinner. We were playing hide and go seek and Austin jumped out and scared me, I fell and hurt myself and ran upstairs. Austin came up and saw the hammer that I had been using to hang a picture earlier that day he asked me if I was planning to pay him back or something and joked around therefore, making me feel better.
And, as all of us know...
Austin had a funny side too. During the same visit I was just referring to, Cyndi and my mom bought Austin 'The Mask' on video. Austin must have watched that video a hundred times that day, every time after the first time we watched it, he said the lines of everybody and did voice impersonations whenever something reminded him of the movie.

Here is a tribute from Austin's cousin Jill

A song request to Austin from Jillian - click Friends

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Austin--There is not a day that goes by in which I don't think about u. I wish u didn't have to go so soon. I wish u could be here for your mother and everyone else. I know it is not fair that life has to be this precious, but who would have ever thought that your life would go next. Nobody knew for if they did u probably would not have gone out that night. I wish u would have just stayed home that night. Why did u do it Austin? For fun? I do not think u would be saying for fun now cuz look where it led u to:( Just when your life started to get better. U had a job that u loved very much and u had your mother Cyndi,  Mike, and your little sister Emily to take good care of u, who also love u very much. I know u had been through a lot in the last couple of years. Trust me there have been lots of times when I could feel the pain u were going through when u had your problems cuz I have had them too. I know nobody life is perfect. Nobody Can say their life is the best cuz sooner or later something will happen and it will not be the same anymore. Everyone really misses u Austin. Don't think everyone is ashamed of what u did. U were only trying to have a good time. Even though those good times can really lead to some rough times for everyone in which it did. By this time nobody can change the way things are.
Hey how is grandma doing? I bet u are playing your music really loud and grandma is getting angry and telling u to turn it down. Laugh out loud Austin!! Have u met Mike or Bill yet? Well if u haven't yet watch for them and let them know that your mom is doing ok even though she is going through a rough time right now. I have visited u and grandma a couple of times already. It is still very sad to go over there and know that u are buried there. It is so hard to believe that just one Friday night took your life. U were only 16 years old. U still had a full life ahead of u to live. I guess it is true when they say life goes by fast live it till the end. Well u can understand what I am talking about. Austin I want u to remember that I will miss u forever and ever until one day that we can see each other again. Whether it is tomorrow or ninety years from now. We will still be united and so will everyone in our family. It will not matter how old we are as long as we are together again. Just as one big happy family! I love u Austin and will never forget the fun that u, Johnny, Justin, and I all had at Cedar Point last summer. Good-bye Austin until we meet again someday.............

Love Your Cousin,
Jill (Jillybean)

My dear friend Elizabeth did not know Austin, but she sent me these lovely quotes, which I wanted to share here. Thank you, Lizzie.

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From the unreal lead me to the real;
From the darkness lead me to light;
From death lead me to deathlessness.


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