In Loving Memory of our nephew and cousin,
Austin David Floering
born August 30, 1981  - died on April 19, 1998

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Austin, we miss you very much. You are loved by your family and friends, and you will never be forgotten. We will carry you in our hearts until it is our time to be reunited with you.

We decided to create this web page in honor of Austin's memory. We would like to invite his friends and other family members to share any thoughts or stories about Austin, as we would all enjoy hearing about his life.

Austin was special in a lot of ways, and it is still so very hard to accept his passing. Even though our hearts are broken for our loss, I can still manage to smile and even laugh sometimes when I think of Austin and all of his escapades through the years! He was always full of mischief, but he was so darn cute, it was hard to be angry at him. Austin experienced struggles, and his life was not always easy, but his sense of humor and resilient nature serve as an inspiration to me.

austin2.jpg (3483 bytes)The last time I saw Austin was Christmas of '97 when his family traveled all the way from Ohio to Colorado on the train to spend a week out here. He and Johnny spent a lot of time together, and we are thankful for that. The last memory I have is of him hugging me and saying, "goodbye Aunt Sally, I love you".

Good Bye, Austin, I love you too!


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austinp.gif (4454 bytes) A few photos are up - more to come later.

austine.gif (4354 bytes)Please feel free to send your thoughts. We will put them on this web site.

 austinod.gif (4353 bytes) Through his parents' decision of organ and tissue donation, Austin saved 12 lives, and enhanced the lives of 40 to 70 more people. Click here if you would like to learn more about giving the gift of life.   

A Special Thank You to some special friends.

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