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Our Fabulous Friendship Box started out in January of 1999. It is STILL making the rounds after over 2 years, and almost 50 WOWsie visits. You can still sign up if you are interested.

When your turn arrives, you will receive a package in the mail from the previous person on the list. In the package you will find a note from the person, a photo of her (or him), and several items* for you to keep, from that person. The items respresent things about that person, such as hobbies, profession, etc.

When it is your turn to pass on the basket to the next person on the list, you must add your items, your photo, and your letter. The letter will list what you have sent, and why you included that item (what it means or says about you).
You will have the previous letters to read, and the photos to look at - but they must be passed on, along with the container that the items came in. We hope each person will be able to complete her turn within 1-2 weeks, so we can keep this going.

*The TOTAL cost of the items is not to exceed $10. The idea is to be creative and clever, not to spend a lot of money.

SIGN UP TODAY - If you would like to be a part of the Webspresso Friendship Circle, please send an e-mail to our Friendship coordinator - TAMI - TAMI@WOWSIE.com.   Include your complete shipping address. I will post the schedule on this page. Tami will keep track of shipping addresses for you.

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(schedule will be set in the order of sign-ups)
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Sally Tami Gae Doris  Millie
Nancy Vickie Lizzie Kelly Linda
Candice Nancy Melanie Erika Judi 
Carol  Debi Speice Priscilla  Leah Mary Jo
Glennis Thelma Rebecca  Bonnie   Michelle
Emmary  Abigail  Candy Sue Liz Moore
Rachel  Shelley  Donna Sharon Julie
Janice Dikant Dee Carey Joy Gerow Jeanette Carolyn Sick
Mary O'Neil Toni Flewelling Sherie Davis Patty Ferry  Melody Mayfield 
Joan Mountain Melissa Gabbard  Carol Smith Diane Cestrone Mary Wakefield
fctst.gif (145 bytes)Sherrie Holder Majel Mauro Janice Walther Joanie Zebrowski-Weidig Dottie Hoock
Jillian Marsh Linda Hawkins Eva Neilsen Rosemary Martens Jeanie Beeson
Susan Petrok        

I hope everyone will send me an E-mail - sally@webspresso.com (or post at the Webspresso Lounge) when they get their turn in the circle.
We would like to print your comments on fcost.gif (144 bytes) this page.

Thanks to Gae Sharp-Richardson for the  great design image she created for our page!
bear imageŠ 1999 Gae Sharp-Richardson