Meet the Women Of Webspresso - they help put the WOW in WOWsie!

Much of the success of Webspresso is due to the wonderful assortment of talented individuals who have  contributed their talents here.   I would like you to meet some of them.......

dorwow.gif (10665 bytes)Meet Doris!
Doris has an amazing style of writing! Her wit and humor have made her a very popular member of WOW! Take a few minutes to relax and read her stories - you won't be sorry!
Doris Make Lemonade| Doris Meets the Head Bean |Doris' Boyds Collection
liz.gif (11202 bytes)Meet Elizabeth!
Elizabeth's wamth and charm are evident in her enjoyable articles. Her stories have also appeared in print in various Boyds newsletters.
Elizabeth's Boyds Collection |On the Beat in Chico with Elizabeth|Pooh goes to Elizabeth's House
gaewow.gif (11385 bytes)Meet Gae!
Artist / bear creator Gae Sharp-Richardson is very well known within the Collectible Bear world. Webspresso is proud to feature "Jerrod's Trust", a charming original story by Gae. Please meet Aurora Bear - a brand new special design from Gae!
tamiwo.gif (7318 bytes)Meet Tami!
Tami has  been a good friend to us here, and we enjoy her enthusiasm and great ideas! She has provided the inspiration for our recipe page, and our  "Webspresso Friendship Circle", for which she serves as coordinator. Visit her page in the Collector's Corner, too!
Meet Carol!
Carol is our Swap Co-ordinator for our WOWsie swaps which are held every other month. She comes up with themes and makes sure everyone has a partner. Please drop her an e-mail if you would like to get involved in this fun activity! All are welcome!
Meet Priscilla!
Birthdays are special at Webspresso! The Lounge is sure to be sprinkled with HAPPY BIRTHDAY messages to the person of the day! Priscilla is our Birthday Page Co-ordinator. All are invited to have their birthdays listed on our page. Just send your name and birthday to Priscilla.
Meet Candi!
Candi is our recipe page co-ordinator. Our chefs have a great time with our fun themes very month. Also, all contributors enjoy their bonus personalized "charm". Hope to see your recipes, too!
Meet Diane!
Diane, along with Tami, is our "Fearless" COWsie Leader. Cowsies is the name of our weight reduction support group here at Webspresso. Everyone is welcome!
vickie.gif (6191 bytes)Meet Vickie
Vickie brings a lot of fun to the Lounge! Recently she designed a bear sized "WOW" sweater. She knitted one for everyone who wanted one - and they soon will be featured on some special cards from Joy!
See Vickie and her wonderful sweaters!
joy2wow.jpg (3730 bytes)Meet Joy!
Joy has combined her love of Boyds, with her talent as a gifted photographer. You can see her beautiful work exclusively on Webspresso!
Joy's Main Page| Joy's Holiday Pages

anny.gif (842 bytes)"Ann Nonymous"
Who IS she? Ann prefers her identity to remain unknown - but she brings in-depth coverage to the Boyds QVC shows. Her detailed accounts are enjoyed and appreciated by a vast number of collectors on the web!  See Ann's latest report!
sal3w.gif (9117 bytes)Meet Sally!
Creator of the Contest Lady, and designer / creator of the Webspresso Web Site.
Here are a few pages:
Webspresso Web Design| Sally's Boyds Collection|Webspresso Java Fun

e-mail - sally@webspresso.com